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First Look At Mega Man Universe


Back when Comic-Con 2010 started, we got a neat announcement trailer for Capcom’s upcoming Mega Man Universe game. While it didn’t show any game play, it did show Mega Man changing into Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ghost ‘n Goblins’ Arthur fighting memorable Mega Man enemies. We also got a glimpse of the bad box art version of Mega Man. Well, with PAX around the corner, it seems that Capcom decided to release not one, but a few different trailers.

While each one starts off with Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, talking about how the announcement trailer has led to to folks discussing what kind of game Universe is, he goes on to say that he hopes that people will get even more excited by the new trailers. From the trailers, it seems that players will go through stages like any other Mega Man game but with different characters. That’s right, there are three trailers and each one has a different version of a “Mega Man.” Also, each trailer ends with a tease of Ryu being chosen but no game play was shown.

I’m calling it now, players will be able to create stages for others to play and that a variety of Capcom characters will be playable, such as Viewtiful Joe and Dante. While I’ll be working during my Labor Day weekend, I’ll try to post any news and update from PAX about Mega Man Universe. Meanwhile, why don’t y’all check out the three trailers, where the other two is available after the jump, to check out the other playable Mega Mans.

Source: Destructoid, Gamespot, 1UP



Yes, that is someone wearing the blue helmet of Capcom’s blue bomber and no it’s not a Syfy movie… well, for now at least. About a year ago, the internet got this trailer and mostly good things were said. Hell, even I was waiting for this. Here we are, a year later, Eddie Lebron (who is also responsible for the GhostBusters Generations fan film trailer) released a full fan made film, which clocks in at 93¬†minutes and best of all, free to watch. The story is pretty much faithful to the first Mega Man game, as it has all 6 robot masters and one memorable boss from Wily’s Castle. Throw in Blues/Proto Man and this film should make any Mega Man fan smile. Just seeing Ice Man and his disorder was enough of a reason for me to watch this.

Source: Topless Robot, Eddie Lebron’s Website

“MegaMan”-Fan Film from Eddie Lebron on Vimeo.

mega-man-10-artworkSo, you know how Mega Man has the nick name Blue Bomber. So if one his power ups turn him brown, would he then be the Brown Bomber and thus be the $#!*… okay, I’ll stop. Capcom is once again cashing on Mega Man as the sequel to the first retro revival of Mega Man 9 (2008) has come out for the WiiWare and Playstation Network, and later this month X-Box Live Arcade, has come out this month. Mega Man 10, just like MM9, once again has gamers playing the classic 2D game play and the 8-bit graphics it was known for. 9 was a fun game but damn was that game. Check after the break for the awesome commercial Capcom released ¬†for the game and also a review of Mega Man 10. (more…)