Rocky Balboa

Stallone Confirms “Rambo The Last Blood”


Sylvester Stallone has not had the best of years when it comes to domestic Box Office figures. With his last four movies – Bullet to the Head, Escape Plan, Grudge Match, and The Expendables 3 – all underperforming well below expectations, it’s no wonder seeing he is revisiting one of his iconic characters to try and reignite some Box Office appeal. This has worked for Sly before with Rocky Balboa in 2006 and Rambo V in back in 2008. Currently over in Philly prepping for his role in the Rocky spin-off Creed, Sly has been making a couple of announcements via his twitter account. (more…)


Sylvester Stallone is the reigning champion of dramatic franchises that also bring the pain.  Between the Rambo and Expendables franchises alone, the body count could populate a small country.  Arguably, the Rocky franchise is the best of the bunch.  A series that was built on a foundation of a never-give-up mentality, Rocky has made generations of fans cheer in their seats (and maybe shed a tear or two) for their favorite underdog boxer.  2006’s Rocky Balboa was a perfect farewell to the character that made Sylvester Stallone a household name.  However, if the rumor is to be believed, it may not be the last time we see The Italian Stallion near the ring. (more…)

Top 5 Best Movie Montages


Some movies have them. So movies don’t. But we all know one thing; we would not be able to elapse time and have our characters grow over the course of the film without them. If you are wondering, I’m talking about the good, old fashioned movie montage. The necessary ingredient added to the film to let you know, “Hey, I’m putting so much work into this ______, that I need to show you my growth with a song over my learning process. Here is my Top 5 fave montages. (more…)

So, he’s definitely not surviving this one! I loved..LOVED the ending of RAMBO and I thought it wrapped that package series up with a bow. He walked Rocky into the sunset, Rambo made a decent worldwide haul to satisfy it as being the final installment. But Variety has spoken;

A fifth Rambo movie has officially been given the go-ahead, Variety reports. The storyline this time has John Rambo “fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Also, in the same article this made me fall apart laughing, these stats are funny as hell!!!

Regardless of the setting, Stallone will have a tough time ratcheting up the series’ escalating kill count. In figures collated by the movie website, that statistic has risen from 1 in the first movie to 69, 132 and a 236 in last year’s entry. That works out to 2.59 kills per minute (3.04 if you don’t count the time taken up by the end credits).

That, by powers of deduction makes Rambo 5 needing to kill at least another 400 just to break even!