Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fox’s ‘Rocky Horror’ Remake Gets a Trailer!


Who would have imagined that 41 years after the biggest cult classic debuted, there would indeed be a made-for-tv remake of said beloved classic? That’s right, we’re talking about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and yes, Fox picked it up. Kenny Ortega, director of High School Musical, will be directing this take on the classic 1973 film, which was firstly adapted from the Broadway show of the same name. Just when you thought Rocky Horror was a sacred cinema cow that couldn’t be touched, along comes this new trailer for the Fox production that asks, Could you be wrong? (more…)


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary!  From film flop to cult classic, you’d be hard  pressed to find a venue that isn’t screening this pop culture gem Saturday nights at midnight.  The level of audience participation and the sheer fan base for the film is so intense, it truly transforms the viewing experience into a totally fun, totally interactive time.  Clad in spot-on costume renditions and shouting lines at the screen, these “Frankie-fans” know how to party!  Entertainment Weekly had a chat with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, and Meat Loaf to discuss the making of the film and its long-term impact. (more…)