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In less than one Earth year, we will have Star Trek back on our televisions. Granted those televisions will have to be tuned into the CBS steaming site All Access, but still, for the first time in over a decade, we will be able to watch a weekly Star Trek adventure. Of course, Star Trek did start out as a multi-platform multimedia entity. For three years in the 1960s it was a TV show created and overseen by Gene Roddenberry, and while his failing health prevented him from having a lot to do with the show from about the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, his influence persisted through to the end of Enterprise in 2005. Now we’ve learned that when the new Trek begins next year, a Roddenberry will, in fact, be taking part. (more…)

Holy Tribble shits! Can you believe it? Okay, you can, Star Trek has been a sci-fi classic my entire lifetime and I’m guessing all, if not most of your’s, too. How are you planning to celebrate? The obvious choice would be watching, ‘The Man Trap’ which was the first episode ever aired. Really great classic Trek involving a past lover of Dr. McCoy’s and a salt-sucking vampire-monster. It, along with all of classic Trek, are available for streaming on Netflix as well as

If classic Trek is a little too campy for you, check out Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, or Star Trek: Enterprise. Though, they tend to be a little campy too, and they can’t even excuse it with a measly 1960s budget. For the Trekkie tykes there’s Star Trek: The Animated Series and for your friends who really cannot stand Star Trek there’s the new J.J. Abrams movie. All are available on Netflix and some on CBS. So, you really don’t have much of an excuse to not Trek out today.

In conjunction with the big 4-5 anniversary the Science Channel has announced a new documentary, Trek Nation, airing on November 30th.

The film shadows Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod, as he explores his family legacy and the crusade his father’s passion and curiosity for exploration. Through interviews with his most devoted fans, including George Lucas and J.J. Abrams, TREK NATION follows a son searching for the wisdom of his father.  TREK NATION demonstrates that Roddenberry’s work has not only inspired legions of fans across the globe, but also generated a movement which has influenced entertainment, politics, space travel, social morality and much more. TREK NATION profiles how the Star Trek franchise helped foster a timeless understanding of the human condition and captured man’s constant search for a better world.

I’m almost as big a fan of documentaries as I am Star Trek, so this news is all full of win. Below, watch a special, never before seen clip from the upcoming doc.

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And, if you feel especially Trekkie today, share your favorite Star Trek moment in the comments. Mine? The ending of Wrath of Khan, I cry every time.

DVD signed by J.J. Abrams - one of Roddenberry's auction items.

DVD signed by J.J. Abrams - one of Roddenberry's auction items.

The brilliance of the Roddenberry legacy continues — this time, to help those in Haiti.

Rod Roddenberry, son of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and “Star Trek” computer voice actress Majel Barrett, is auctioning off some of his late parents’ belongings to aid, an organization that usually offers programs to Haitian youth. Right now, though, HaitianHero is focusing on the rebuilding efforts the country will need in the aftermath of the recent earthquake. The president of the organization is Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays “The Hatian” on NBC’s “Heroes” and who hails from Haiti himself.

Rod Roddenberry has sold the family home, and though he is keeping a number of sentimantal and valuable items from his famous parents, he says he unfortunately doesn’t have room to keep them all.

Auction items are a mix of “Star Trek” and ordinary items. Among the items are his father’s driver’s licenses, his mother’s golf bag, a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” script and some Star Trek movie stuff signed by J.J. Abrams. To see Roddenberry’s full list of items, look at his Facebook album here. What’s more, Roddenberry will match whatever the auction raises and send that along to Haiti too, thereby doubling the funds.

Roddenberry describes the reasoning for putting the items up for auction in that same Facebook album:

Here’s the deal, there are a lot of people suffering in Haiti right now and we can all do something about it. I have a number of items that belonged to my father and mother that I consider valuable in one way or another. I’m sure there are many of you other there that would share my sentiments. I am prepared to part with b/c I know they’ll go to a good home and I think we’ll all feel great if we can give to those who need it. Therefore, this will be an auction where all proceeds go to the Haiti relief. To be clear, I nor anyone else at Roddenberry will be profiting from this Auction. In addition, at the end of the auction, I will match the total amount from all items.

This is a really cool thing for anyone to do, and obviously it would be pretty neat to have a piece of “Star Trek” or Roddenberry history. Take a look at the Roddenberry treasure chest and see what you can do. Or, if you’d rather, check out, the American Red Cross, or any number of verified charitable associations. Every dollar counts.

Special thanks to Nerdvana and Alltern8 for spreading the good word.