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This year SyFy cancelled its Twilight Zone marathon for July 4th in favor of airing a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon.  Twilight Zone on SyFy has been an annual event for years.  Those that hadn’t seen the Rod Serling series in its heyday could watch it and see some great science fiction.  And, of course, they could spot people who went on to fame and fortune after appearing on the series.

Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, Ron Howard and Carol Burnett all made appearances before going on to have amazing careers.  There is another group of actors that continued the association with science fiction after their stint on the Twilight Zone.  Cast members and guests on a little show from the late 1960s, Star Trek.

Even though the show is over 50 years old there are SPOILERS!!!!



Twilight Zone broke barriers and bridged new horizons in 1959 when Rod Serling started the series. The same could not quite be said for the series when it was rebooted both in the1980’s and early 2000’s. Despite good actors, and a few interesting stories, the new series’ just never captured the allure of the original. In this age of the almost constant reboot, it makes sense that CBS is trying to reinvent the series for a new audience yet again. (more…)

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J.J. Abrams has his fingers in all sorts of iconic pies right now, from Star Trek to Star Wars.  So why not get involved in yet another classic?  This time around, Abrams is set to take on The Twilight Zone, though it is not, as one might first think (and dread), going to be a reboot of the series.

Abrams’ shot at The Twilight Zone will be in completing one of Rod Serling’s already existing projects.  It is, in fact, Serling’s last script, titled ‘The Stop Along the Way’.  This story, which was never made during its time, will be turned into a mini-series courtesy of Bad Robot Productions.  How much Abrams will be involved in production and what the story is actually about are still unknown factors.

What do you out there in Nerd Reader land think?  Can the brains behind Lost bring one of Serling’s works to the small screen and keep it intact?  Or should we let sleeping scripts lie?


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You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but with some of the top director’s in talks to direct it.

Variety is reporting that Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cauron are the top names in a short list to direct an upcoming reboot of 1983’s The Twilight Zone. Director Rupert Wyatt is another name that’s also on the list, but when you’re up against the director of Batman and Transformers…well, better luck next time sucker.

While this does sound awesome, there will be no gremlins on the wings of planes or living dolls, the film is rumored to touch on elements of the original television series created by Rod SerlingLeonardo DiCaprio will produce through his Appian Way, along with Jennifer Killoran Davisson and George DiCaprio. Rand Ravich and Jason Rothenberg have already written a script to accompany the new .

Another change will be the how the film will be directed, using only one  instead on the original’s use of four different directors. So while we won’t see a film combining all the styles of Nolan, Bay, Cauron and (ugh)Wyatt, but one is better then nothing.

And no matter who takes the director’s chair the very least they could do is get William Shatner to cameo, get on that Warner Bros.

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You Are Now Entering, The ‘Star Wars’ Zone

Is this the face of a monster? A creepy kid who has mind powers and uses them to terrify everyone? Yes. At least, according to this impeccable Star Wars and The Twilight Zone mash-up. It’s another gem from One Minute Galatica this time painting good ole’ farm boy Luke as a twisted, creepy kid with crazy mind powers and sick ideas of how to use ’em. You’ve entered The Star Wars Zone.

Who knew a spooky voice over from Rod Serling and black and white footage could make Luke appear to be staring straight into your soul and thinking up horrible tortures for you.

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The Twilight Zone.

Say that name today and most people will know what you are talking about (even if they weren’t around when it initially aired), as it is a perfect example of how a television show can become part of everyday language.

The original series, which aired from 1959-1964, had short little stories with usually a surprising twist at the end that turned everything you thought you knew about the segment upside down. Ask anyone who has seen or heard about the show, and they will tell you about their favorite episodes.

Even the creator and head writer, Rod Serling, thank to newly unearthed interview footage (via Blastr).

Serling says that his two favorite episodes were:

The Invaders, where minuscule aliens and ship torment a woman forcing her to kill them, which would not be most people’s choice as their favorite. But, according to Serling:

One [of his favorites] was an original by Dick Matheson called ‘The Invaders,’ with Agnes Moorehead, which was in a sense pure science fiction, with a very O. Henryish twist.

The Invaders

The Invaders

Serling’s second favorite was Time Enough At Last, where a myopic librarian survives the end of the world to read all his books in his much sought the peace and quiet.

And the other was an adaptation of mine, a very free, loose adaption of a Lucille Fletcher — I think it was Lucille Fletcher, I could be wrong [actually was Lynn Venable] — a short story called ‘Time Enough at Last,’ about a myopic bank teller who at the end of the world breaks his glasses just when he’s able to read all that he’s ever wanted to read

Time Enough At Last

Time Enough At Last

And what are my two favorite episodes?

To Serve Man, where an alien race arrives on Earth with a promise to serve man, but may have ulterior motives; and The Eye of the Beholder, where a disfigured woman undergoes surgery to look more like everyone else, but all is not as it seems.