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One the many games presenting their wares this year in San Diego is the next installment of the Batman: Arkham franchise, Batman: Arkham Origins. It’s the first of the Arkham games not coming from Rocksteady, it’s without a story from Paul Dini, and won’t include Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill reprising their iconic roles. But none of this has hindered fans’ excitement, most of who are just itching for a chance to play in Gotham as an earlier, rookie Batman.

On the panel were WB Games Montréal‘s Eric Holmes, Mark Pocini, actors Roger Craig Smith (Batman), and Troy Baker (Joker). Oh! And this guy, Jeff somebody… oh, crap what was his name? Oh yeah! Geoff Johns. You DC fans *might* be familiar with his work.

Johns spoke on how much enjoys the depth and scope given to these characters in the Arkham games. He also hinted about games only getting “bigger and better,” but of course, he couldn’t reveal in any detail what he was talking about. Craig Smith, the new voice of Batman, recognizes he’s got some big shoes to fill, but is confidant in his Batman voice,

If only these tweets were auditory.

The new Joker, Troy Baker, is no stranger to voicing video game characters as he’s done voice work for both The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite, but he’s very aware of the iconic nature of this role,

For more on the Batman: Arkham Origins panel, check out DC Comics’ official recap. But first! You want to see the newest trailer featuring Origins‘ take on the assassin, Copperhead? Of course you do, hit the jump!



Ever since it was announced another Batman: Arkham game was on its way the response has been mixed. On one hand, hell yes give us another Arkham game! The series has given us not only the best Batman games, ever, but both Asylum and City are two of the best video games of recent years, period. On the other hand, Batman: Arkham Origins isn’t coming from Rocksteady, won’t feature a story from acclaimed Batman writer Paul Dini, or feature the iconic voice work of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. And without any of those guys involved, well, let’s just say we’re being cautiously optimistic.

Warner Bros. Montreal has reassured us they’re working from Rocksteady’s code, and after watching this latest gameplay trailer from E3, I believe ’em. Everything’s coming back to me: the stealth attacks, detective mode, the way Batman can whoop ass on multiple dudes without breaking a sweat. Everything that made us fall in love with the Arkham series is in here, and more.

I love how you recreate a helicopter crash in detective mode. I love that they’re bringing in some of Batman’s heaviest hitters: Deathstroke, Deadshot, Bane. I love the setting of Christmas Eve in Gotham. I love the idea of playing a rookie Bats, and hope they can properly reflect that in the gameplay. I love Black Mask being at the center of it all, and yes, I love that The Joker still makes an appearance. And from the little we heard, both Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker sound great as Bats and Joker, respectively.

It was unclear if Conroy was actually returning, since he did confirm he’d been working on another Arkham game, I had to listen to this a couple times, but that’s definitely not him in this trailer. Maybe he plays some role as an older Batman?

I’m still holding my judgement until I can at least play a demo, but so far so very, very good I’d say. Everything I’d expect is there, and I simply cannot wait for October 25th to roll around. How excited are you for Batman: Arkham Origins?

Source: Geek Tyrant