Roman Polanski


Oh fuck off.

I’m sorry. It’s early (for me at least), I’m grumpy and Roman Polanski still stands as one of my all-time favorite filmmakers. He was an artist who could wring a moment for all of the dread and paranoia it was worth; a consummate cinematic purveyor of disquiet and angst. Now, in their infinite wisdom, some NBC Executives have decided that they should remake his seminal 1968 masterpiece into a two-part miniseries event! Starring Zoe Salanda (Avatar) and some bland white actor who isn’t the great John Cassavetes (Google tells me he’s Patrick J. Adams from¬†Suits?)! Today we get a quick look at the redux, which promises a very polished and sanitized version of the icky weirdness Polanski perfected over thirty-five years ago.


Polanski’s Case Not Dismissed


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

According to the Associated Press, Roman Polanski’s petition to have his contraversial case dismissed has been rejected.Who here is surprised? Not me. Call me crazy, but getting away with something for a really long time doesn’t mean you should just…well…get away with it. IT being rape, afterall.

The California 2nd District Court of Appeal announced Monday it had denied the petition. Lake County Record-Bee

Interestingly, this news coincides with several updates today about the progress of “Ghost“, the movie Polanski is finishing up while on house arrest in Switzerland. Don’t cry for Polanski when you hear the term “house arrest”, please. Just check out this little blurb about the grueling conditions the alleged rapist must endure:

Being able to entertain at home was one of the privileges the director received after his Dec. 4 transfer to house arrest from a Swiss jail after more than 60 days of detention.

Polanski has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet around his ankle to guard against his leaving the grounds of the chalet, but he is able to receive guests inside or outside the house, work on his films, make telephone calls and send e-mails as much as he likes.The Star Tribune

We’ll be watching closely as this case unfolds. Maybe we’ll even get an invite to the chalet!

Roman Polanski FINALLY Arrested


So after all this time, they finally got him. Roman Polansky was nabbed in Switzerland. As far as I know, his trial will not be nice, and I do not believe he will be getting off easy. It’s been 31 years since he “got off easy” the first time with a 13 year old girl, like draws like I suppose. (more…)