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This time on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy get in touch with their feelings and talk about a bedridden hedgehog, dildo carnival workers, Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Destroyed Legacy, more premature statements about the death of Nintendo, stupid Senators and the jackasses who love them, the great Taco revolution, and re-animated space monkeys. Also on the show: Ahnold’s “Ohhhhh” face and a handy guide to self surgery. All of that, plus:

radiobastard-februmurray-1THE GREATEST TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST MAN IN THE HISTORY OF GREATNESS AND MEN! FEBRU-MURRAY. A month long tribute to Bill Murray in 4 parts.
(used with love and respect, Eclectic MethodBill Murray)


All week long we’ve seen rumors going back and forth in the latest battle in the “Hollywood Trade Wars” between Deadline and Variety. First Ben Affleck was pottentially going to direct Warner Bros’ Justice League film, and then he wasn’t. Well people, now comes a new rumor, a factless rumor about Affleck and another (sorta) Justice League project — The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes 2, the sequel to the award winning original, The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes.

From Extreme Comixxx studio head Jerry Cuban: “A year and a half ago, we gave comic fans live-action JLA movie they’ve craved for decades. Plus it had hot girls and sex! Now we are about to release the sequel, while Hollywood is still in the planning stages. Extreme Comixxx was conceived through the desire to cater to fan demand, something we continue to do time and again.”

That’s right America, we’re goona get another Justice League porn parody movie and we’re goona get it in October of this year. But what about the Affleck connection? Well, my super secret exclusive sources at the studio (his name is Chris) have told me the following about Ben Affleck’s (im) possible involvement in this Justice League-y project:

“We can neither confirm or deny the rumors Ben Affleck will be associated with our sequel to ‘The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes.’  Mr. Affleck swore he would never don the hero tights again after ‘Daredevil,’ but tights are definitely optional for our movie. Perhaps we can sweeten the deal if we give him full creative control and offer Ron Jeremy as a writing partner.  How you like dem apples, Mr. Affleck?”

How do you like dem apples indeed, and how do you like dem apples Deadline and Variety?