Guardians of the Galaxy has been one of Marvel’s biggest success stories this year, but we live in a world basked in pessimism. Thusly, with everyone having access to the Internet, and myriad platforms for people to pine and criticize – anyone can be a critic these days. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the folks at Cinema Sins would eventually nit-pick at the intergalactic summer blockbuster  subjecting it to a heavy beating in the proverbial boxing ring. As per usual, Cinema Sins are just as ruthless and merciless with Guardians of the Galaxy as they are with all their other movie dissections. So, don’t dive in expecting any leniency on their part, as they pick the recent blockbuster apart. (more…)


This week, the talk of the movie world is a dark one, Thor: The Dark World that is. But on the occasion of the release of this latest Marvel Studios film, some look even further ahead to the release of another superhero flick, the space-bound Guardians of the Galaxy. The two franchises came together on the red carpet this week as Guardians director James Gunn talked about his film on his way to the premiere of Thor.