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Above: Believe it or not, but this handmade Weeping Angel was originally a Barbie! Yup, the proof is in Wich-crafting‘s process shots over at The Mary Sue.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already missing the Ponds like mad and there’s still half a season of them yet to come. This season on Doctor Who the Ponds will leave The Doctor in the fifth episode, “The Angels Take Manhattan” and many, many, MANY a tear will be shed during their farewell. Particularly if it will be as heartbreaking as The Moff has promised it will be.

But, before the Ponds make that fond and tearful farewell they’re getting their own spin-off web series called, Pond Life. It’ll be a five-part series and serve as a prequel to the upcoming series. Pond Life will begin airing on BBC‘s Youtube channel beginning August 27th, and it’ll play in full before the premiere of Series 7 on BBC1. Now word yet if we’ll be seeing Pond Life on BBC America, but again, it’ll be on Youtube so why bother.

Here’s the Ponds themselves, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, teasing Pond Life and basically being their usual, adorable selves,

Will you be sad to see the Ponds go? Or do you say good riddance?

Oh, and anyone else have the compulsion to get “Pond Life” tattooed on their knuckles? Just me? Oh, okay.

Source: io9

Season seven of Doctor Who is so close you can almost taste it! I expect it tastes quite a bit like fish fingers and custard. Returning in the fall with no official date set yet, we’re expecting to see the TARDIS crew either late August or early September. Still, it’s that close, guys! We’ve made is through most of the wait already.

When the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan), and Rory (Arthur Darville) come back what new dangers will they be facing? Daleks and divorce! Or so the rumors go. What follows is pretty spoilery so if you’d like to remain pristine and clean about season seven, stop now. We’ll see you in the fall.

Here’s the most recent report from Doctor Who TV,

The pre-title sequence of the opener will reportedly see both Amy and Rory kidnapped by a pair of mysterious characters, believed to be working for the Daleks.

One of them, Cassandra (played by Naomi Ryan), is sent to get Amy. Amy is now a full-time model and is doing a photoshoot when she is taken.

Another person, who is posing as a London bus driver, teleports Rory away when he gets on. Rory is on his way to the solicitor to file for divorce at the time.

Cassandra and the bus driver both appear to be human but transform into something else just before they take The Ponds…

Who could be working with the Daleks? And divorce papers! Oh my. I knew the end was going to be a tragic one for The Ponds but I’d hate to imagine they won’t be facing it together.

What are your hopes for the next season of Doctor Who?

Source: Blastr

If ya didn’t already know Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and the rest of the Doctor Who crew are in New York City right now filming. In these exclusive images snapped by Katya Ivask and Theodore Stepanoff for io9 you can see the Doctor enjoying a picnic in Central Park with Mr. and Mrs. Companion. Is this one of last happy moments the three will spend together? Season seven marks the end for The Ponds’ travels with the Doctor and it’s been rumored to be extremely final for one of them. Oh, and heartbreaking, can’t even count how many times Steven Moffat‘s reminded us of that.

These photos are heartwarming but make me all the more depressed when I think of saying goodbye to Amy and Rory. I say, eff the haters, these two are my favorite Doctor Who companions and they’ll be deeply missed.

The Official Doctor Who Teaser Trailer Arrives

Is it Sheriff Doctor or Doctor Sheriff? Yesterday we showed you the hush-hush, naughty-naughty version of the Doctor Who season/series 7 teaser trailer. There was caution tape all around it and broken glass on the floor, and you could hardly hear a thing being said — today though, we offer up the full 1 minute and 15 second long teaser trailer in glorious sound, color, and officialness.

As was evident yesterday (for those of you who had the chance to spy it), the Doctor is in the old west, because bolo ties are cool. Joining him are Rory, Amy, and some kind of evil robot cowboy with some sort of glowy gun. Oh yes, and there are guns, guns, guns, and more guns. Also, there is running and it appears that Moffat and co. took full advantage of the Spanish plains and did, indeed, bring us to the Skaro wasteland — the former home world of the Daleks.

I won’t spoil, or painstakingly detail the rest because, well, I don’t have too. You can just click the link, so go ahead then and do it.

There, now wasn’t that better?

Source: BBC by way of JeffIsAGeek

Quite early this morning, very early for us here in the U.S., Steven Moffat held a press conference at which he revealed who the new companion on Doctor Who would be. We’ve know for some time The Ponds would be making their exit this upcoming season and now we’ve met their replacememt.

Say “hello” to your new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman!

Wow. She’s pretty! And not that I’m saying past companions haven’t been but she’s got some kind of real celebrity glamour going on here. Also, who is she!? The rumors were she’d be a well known actress, in England anyway, but for us in the States? Yeah, I got nothing.


I feel as if we’ve been inundated with Doctor Who new as of late. I’m sure its due to everyone’s excitement over the upcoming Christmas special, “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe” (airing Christmas Day at 9/8c on BBC America in case you’ve recently awoken from a coma. –Oh, but if you’ve been in a coma you probably didn’t see any of season six? It was epic, sorry you missed it. It’s on DVD now, someone should buy it for you this Christmas. Put it on your list now.)

Anyway, we’ve all heard the nasty rumors David Yates has his sights set on a Doctor Who movie. To which Steven Moffat responded, “Nuh-uh, girlfriend,” followed by some aggressive snapping and hip sashaying. Wait, no, that’s not what happened. But I know you secretly liked imagining it. Moffat called Yates’ movie, “a heathen thing to do” and “heresy.” Yeah, he really did; like a good old fashioned writer-director smackdown.

David (Yates) was talking a little out of turn, there; a very, very brilliant director but no the film as described by him, of course we’re not going to do that—a film that contradicts the television series, it would be a heathen thing to do … I would be ‘beheaded’ to do such a thing!

It would be wonderful to do a Doctor Who film, but when and if we did—and hopefully we will be doing it—it will be very much an offshoot of the television series and we’ll be part of it, and it will star the television Doctor, of course—anything else would be heresy!

Okay, not quite smack talk. Those Brits are too classy for that. But I’m happy to hear Moffat is firmly against a Yates-directed Doctor Who movie, at least the one how Yates was planning.


But let’s not sing praise to the all holy Moffat just yet. He has also been involved in something I deem “heresy” and “a heathen thing to do.” The Ponds’ days in the TARDIS are numbered. NOOOOOOOOOO!

I guess we all must admit we saw this coming, especially since The Doctor’s dumped them before. And I know companions come and go, but Amy and Rory are, well, Amy and Rory. Somehow Matt Smith‘s Doctor seems incomplete without Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. Here’s what Moffat had to say for himself,

Amy and Rory will be rejoining us next series and joining the Doctor back in the Tardis, but the final days of the Ponds are coming – and during the next series. I’m not telling you when and certainly not telling you how. But that story is going to come to a heartbreaking end. There are only so many more adventures with the lovely Amy and the lovely Rory. So that story, next series, during the series will be over. And then the Doctor is going to meet a new friend – and I’m not going to tell you anything about he, she or it!.. Who knows? It is Doctor Who. There’s a universe of people to choose from.

While the idea of a new companion, or “friend” as Moffat says, is exciting, what the fuck, dude!?! “A heartbreaking end,” for the Ponds!! WHY? Haven’t they been through enough!? I hope he’s only referring to the fact of them leaving as heartbreaking, not that he’ll be putting them through any more hardships. I just don’t think I could take it, man.

What do you think about this latest round of Who news?

Sources: Blastr, The Mary Sue

With only two and a half weeks to go before Doctor Who returns (August 27th, y’all), rumors are still swirling about claiming Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville will be leaving the Tardis with the season six finale. Nooo! Amy and Rory are my favoritest, most awsesome companions ever! At least until Matt Smith picks up some new travel buddies. Then they’ll be my favoritest most awesome. It’s a vicious cycle of replacement when it comes to companion loyalties.

Anyway, a “source” for the Daily Star has happened upon a bit of spoilery news about this season’s finale, click the jump for more.