Rose McIver


Two shows, both based on comic books. One is new, and one is just finishing its first season. One was the subject of a fierce bidding war, and one seemed far from a sure thing. One will air on a network best known for crime shows your mom watches, and one might as well change its call sign to DC at this point. But together, it’s good news all around for Supergirl and iZombie. Both shows, based on DC Comics properties, will be premiering and renewed for the 2015/16 TV season respectively, further solidifying the current emphasis in the TV universe of shows based on comic books. (more…)


The first trailer for the CW’s adaptation of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred‘s iZombie comic book has hit the Internet and surprise, it doesn’t look bad. The CW has been on quite the nerdy comic book slash Sci-Fi tear lately with shows like Arrow, The Flash, and The 100 delivering some quality, along with a few cringe worthy, television moments all the while building solid fan bases for each show. If this trailer is any indication, the CW looks to maintain that streak. (more…)