It wasn’t too long ago when Rovio‘s Angry Birds mega-franchise infested every nook and cranny of mobile gaming: from ill-considered Pixar licensing to a Star Wars expansion to the obligatory space simulator, the game took the concept of flightless birds vs limbless pigs tossing and just ran with it. However, the recently released international trailer for the film seems to raise more questions than it answers in the first place…


Do you like playing Angry Birds on your mobile device? That’s nice. Well how about going to your local multiplex to see Angry Birds the Movie? Before you say anything – too late! – it’s already in development.

The epic three year battle between the eponymous splenetic fowl and their arch-nemesis the pigs (yeah, I don’t get it either) will soon be translated to the big screen courtesy of producer John Cohen (Despicable Me) and executive producer David Maisel (Iron Man). Rovio Entertainment, the developer behind Angry Birds the game, will be making the film in house under its new animation banner that they hired Maisel to shepherd last year.

Cohen, meanwhile, brings considerable animation experience with him to the film. At Fox he worked under the Blue Sky shingle and helped develop hits like Ice Age, Robots, and Horton Hears a Who before going to Universal and producing the hit Despicable Me. So I’m sure he’s more than capable of developing some kind of narrative out of the game. Otherwise the plot will go something like this.

When a bunch of pigs do… something… somebody gets their sling shot and fires birds at them. But, you know angry birds. And sometimes they have powers. Or are Star Wars themed. Uh, the end.

Angry Birds is looking to be released in theaters sometime in 2016, when either we’ve all gotten over it or it will be as ubiquitous as computer solitaire.

Source: /Film

Angry Birds in SPAAAACCCCEEE!!!


You can admit it; you totally said that title like the Muppet’s Pigs in Space opening. Hmm, maybe there is a lawsuit in there somewhere . . .

Yahoo! Games has announced that Rovio will release Angry Birds Space for mobile devices on March 22!

While playing this fourth major release of the “Angry Birds” series:

“you’ll be lobbing birds on entirely new planets while contending with zero gravity, leading to new gameplay elements like slow-motion puzzles and “lightspeed” destruction. And just like with other Angry Birds games, expect those outer-space physics to be dead on.”

The game features additional, completely new birds alongside some old favorites, many sporting new super powers. The site adds that NASA and National Geographic will be the game’s launch partners.

You can check out a teaser below and stay tuned to the official site for more info.

Nerd Cake: Angry Birds

Image via

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Yes, we need more levels. Yes, we’ve wasted 896+ hours on this damn game. And no, we don’t want to see it turned into a cartoon series. But dammit, we’ll still take an Angry Birds birthday cake! Even the vegetarians among our staff agree that these birds are worth devouring. Check out a couple of pics below, and head to for more of the peanut butter and chocolate goodness!


Angry Birds – A Time for Peace?


When you play Rovio’s “Angry Birds” mobile game, do you feel vindicated when your birds squash those egg-stealing pigs? Or are you more empathetic to the swine, who just need some eggs for their… super secret egg project (?)? No matter which side you’re on, now is the time for peace. Maybe.

Below, check out this video of what started out as a peace treaty signing among the birds and the pigs — and what ended up badly for one particular side. (source: Kotaku)

When you’re finished doing your victory dance or crying in shame, consider going to an official Angry Birds meetup in or near your city. Saturday, Dec. 11, is “Angry Birds Day,” and in celebration, you’re invited to be part of a flash mob celebrating the birds’ world dominance. The largest meetup to date is New York City, but there’s plenty of time to gather friends in your own town. Check out the details here.

And for the hell of it, enjoy this photo from Halloween of my boyfriend and me in our homemade Angry Birds costumes: