Though, the above image is credited to an unknown artist it brillantly illustrates the impracticalities of RPG inventories. Sure, most RPGs have a limit to what you can carry but regardless, the amount of items a character can have in their inventory is physically impossible. Honestly, just how many items can one character stuff down his pants, anyway? Oh, the satchels are magical and allows a character to to carry any of number of different items, you say? Well, what about weight? Ladders, arrows, bombs and jelly hearts must weigh a shit ton (actual form of measurement). Oh, the satchel negates weight as well. Ya, that makes sense I guess. But, riddle me this. Why do these satchels only seem to hold only 99 of a single kind of item? What? Will that one extra rupee or jar imprisioning a helpless naked fairy rip a hole through that multi-dimensional vortex you’e got there?

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source: geekstir