Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art. On with the dump!

Can there be just one single moment when these two are alone where they don’t fight over Spider-Man, even a plush version of the wall crawler? Guess not, but at least they know all sleep over fights must be done in your pajamas. *Special Note: If you know who drew this please tell us, we’ll credit them. [Hybrid Waste]

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The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s crazy things like seeing the aftermath of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fisting goatsie, or an all furry orgy featuring Alf, Chewbacca and Cousin It. Hey, it’s the internet folks. There are also a lot of awesome acts of nerd art that we see on a daily basis, and we round them up for your viewing pleasure.

ABOVE: Yes, that is Batgirl laying on the side of the Batmobile as Batman drives on two wheels, what you think they are always grim and serious? Artist Dennis Culver and his piece Batgirls Do It Well gives us some insight into the commissioner’s daughter and her wild side. [Geek Tyrant]

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