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New photos have hit the internet featuring shots of the upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell film. Despite the controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson‘s casting as Major, filming is most definitely underway. The Johansson flick takes us deep within the pages of the insanely popular manga of the same name. The images, taken on location in Hong Kong, show Scarlett in her role as Major Motoko Kusanagi. The pics show a Chinese outdoor marketplace and the peculiar locals. We also get a glimpse of Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones) in his role as Batou. Is he rockin’ that flatop or what? (more…)


It’s been a long and winding road to get this far, but today it’s been announced that filming has finally begun on Ghost in the Shell, the live-action Hollywood adaptation of the acclaimed manga turned anime movie series. Since 2008, DreamWorks has labored to get their act together on this one, going through a variety of screenwriters and potential stars, but somewhere in Wellington, New Zealand today, the cameras are rolling for director Rupert Sanders and star Scarlett Johansson despite the near-decade spent in development hell. And to mark the occasion, we get the above picture, which doesn’t reveal much except that quintessential movie scene for any cyborg, the sad reflection. (more…)


Back in October the Internet rumor mill had Dream Works offering Scarlett Johansson the lead role in their live action adaptation of Masamune Shirow‘s Ghost in the Shell. Word out today is that Johansson has accepted the role that should spur Paramount to come on-board as a co-producer. Does this mean that everything is good to go… well not exactly. (more…)

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A live-action adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell has been a long time in the making. Years have passed with only an occasional rumor or two, voices crying out in the night that it’s still in the works or that it’s completely lost in limbo. Now, it appears as if people are beginning to think about it once more, for Ghost in the Shell has a director attached in the form of Rupert Sanders. (more…)

Back in August we reported that Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight franchise, was dropped from Universal‘s planned sequel for Snow White and the Huntsman 2 with the studio in favour of going towards a Huntsman-centered sequel. And after all the negative publicity Stewart had with director Rupert Sanders, it was easy to see why.

Who wants that kind of behind-the-scenes history following them into another successful film, right? Well after this weekend’s haul from Twilight: Breaking Dawn -Part 2 – a reported $340.9 million worldwide – Universal has recanted on their dismissal and wishes to bring the actress (and I use that term loosely) back to co-star alongside the Huntsman himself, star Chris Hemsworth.

I guess that leaves Rupert looking forward to Tom Cruise’s Van Helsing reboot, since the studio doesn’t plan on repeating trends, no matter how juicy they were for publicity. Good news about the reported sequel though is that according to Radar Online, production could begin as soon as the end of 2013, with a script by David Koepp.

Seeing as how Kristen really has nothing else going for her right now, she’d be wise to stay with the project. But her axe-wielding counterpart might be an issue. Hemsworth is currently reprising his role as Thor in Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, after which he’s onto Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse. And after that Chris is looking to squeeze in time on Stephen Gaghan’s Candy Store before suiting up once again for Joss Whedon and The Avengers 2. So as long as there are no real delays for Chris in the future, we should expect a return to the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise and at least a little quality acting in the sequel.

Source: Radar Online

I think most folks can agree that 2004’s Van Helsing was an unabashed cheese fest. Even with all it’s action, effects and star power of Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale the film was destined for the discount movie bin.

Its failure, of course, means its getting a reboot. Yes, another reboot! This rehash, however, will be its own film. The only thing thing it will share with Jackman and Beckinsale’s abortion of a movie is its name.

This version by Universal pictures will be scripted by two of the three minds behind the upcoming Star Trek into Darkness, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Former Katie Holmes hubby and action star Tom Cruise is poised to star in the action fantasy reboot.

The project is still early stages of development. It’s got a leading man and a master writing team, but where is Van Helsing’s director ?

With no director, all you have is two guys locked in a room writing and an actor pushing his Scientology beliefs on the stage crew – neither of which is a good thing. Thankfully, according to Twitch, Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has reportedly been chosen to helm the project.

At this time, no official announcements have been made. If Sanders does agree, it’ll free up the Snow White sequel to some new direction.

In light of recent wrong doings with an openly known Twilight actress, he would be wise to accept the position; taking some heat off his shoulders.

I for one, hope he takes the project. He’s such a raw and visceral director. I think his aptitude for doom and gloom would match up very well for this vampire hunting romp.

Source: Coming Soon

It looks like Kristen Stewart will no longer be the fairest of them all. Universal is scrapping the sequel that they had planned for Snow White and the Huntsman and considering going straight to producing a spin-off film of the Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth.

It really fuckin’ sucks when hardcore paparazzi catch you getting it on with your 41 year old, married, director and that affects both your love life and your career.  After the hugely publicized scandal between KStew and Rupert Sanders, her life seems to be taking quite the downturn.  I guess that’s what happens when you drop your pants in the wrong place. It’s pretty unusual for Hollywood to scrap projects and drop actors in between installments, but the timing makes the rationale fairly obvious for this particular move even though no official statements have been made.  It isn’t clear of Sanders will be returning for the spin-off (if it happens), it’s probably not likely.

The screenwriter for Snow White will definitely not be returning for the spin-off, because Universal signed David Koepp on specifically to follow their original plan: do two sequels and have the third one be a standalone film centered on the Huntsman.  Since the plan has now changed, Koepp is out of a writing gig and is settling his contract because the job he was signed on to do no longer exists.

So it looks like Universal’s scoping the market for a new screenwriter, and may start production once Hemsworth is finished playing God.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

When Charlize Theron’s Queen Ravenna first unveils her gold, gong-like mirror and voices her famous couplet, the James Newton Howard score dramatically swells and a humanoid figure oozes out of the mirror to milk the scene for all it’s worth, as if director Rupert Sanders is telling the audience: “This ain’t no magic mirror you’ve seen before!” And alright, in my vast magic mirror experience, I’ll admit it’s not like anything I’ve seen. Sanders should be proud. But what does the film end up doing with this new humanoid mirror? Where does it go in the story?

Nowhere, really. It’s just forgotten about– though the morphing obsession pervades the entire film, whether it be the queen suddenly bursting into a flock of birds, branches shifting into hissing snakes or dark glass shards forming soldiers. Besides the obvious visual splendor of these magical instances, they also bolster the subtle suggestion that the mirror starts: keeping us on our toes as viewers, expecting things to change in this “dark retelling we’ve never seen before.” So naturally, it’s a bit disappointing when Snow White and the Huntsman ends up this overlong and sterile.

A sizable part of the blames lies in the script, which throws in promises of the dark, the gritty and the feminist and then hastily backs away, afraid to actually venture there. The story begins familiarly enough with the beautiful princess, Snow White (Kristen Stewart) left in the care of her vain and wicked stepmother, Queen Ravenna, after the death of the king. Only in this version, Ravenna is the one who murdered him to take over the kingdom. She’s not like the petty, beauty-obsessed evil stepmothers in other interpretations– beauty here is more important as a means to keeping her power and taking revenge against the kings and young girls from her tormented past. Between her low-born childhood and apparent victimization, the film hints at a more complicated conflict rather than the typical fairy tale battle of good vs. evil. But in very much the same manner that Thor treated Loki, Snow White and the Huntsman quickly boxes Ravenna into the evil category for the sake of running time and simplicity.



Universal Pictures has released another film clip from Rupert Sanders‘ Snow White and the Huntsman. The new clip shows us Snow White (Kristin Stewart) battling the evil (but more chub worthy) evil queen, played by Charlize Theron, while Chris Hemsworth‘s Huntsman is razzle dazzled by some black shards.

You really have to hand it to Rupert Sanders. This version of Snow White is like no other. It’s dark and brooding with fist in the air type action. I fucking love it. I still hate Kristen Stewart though.

“Snow White and the Huntsman” opens in theaters on June 1.

In a post-Twilight Saga feature, Kristen Stewart plays the revamped fairy tale character of Snow White as she challenges the evil (but far fairer) evil queen, played by Charlize Theron. Trained in the art of war by the Huntsman, (Chris Hemsworth), the two form an alliance in hopes of changing the kingdom and defeating the tyrannic ruler.

Source: MTV

Even though Snow White and the Huntsman does not hit theaters until June 1st, Universal has decided the property as earned the right for a sequel. A source close to DeadlineHollywood  says the studio is in discussions with Men in Black III writer David Koepp to come aboard to write Snow White 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Why would a Universal push forward with a sequel without results from the first film? Well, production and pre-production are too separate things. Snow White and the Huntsman is poised to be a hot property. Universal is confident the first film will do well. Assuming the film lives up to its promise, they want to have a sequel with script, cast, and director ready to go.

Now, here’s the thing. The Queen dies (I assume) and Snow White gets her happy ending. The end. What is the sequel going to be about?

Snow White and the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as the queen, and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. Sam Claflin, Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham, Ray Winstone, Lily Cole, Sam Spruell, Liberty Ross, and Noah Huntley.

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