Russell Brand


Russell Brand And Luis Guzman are the way we like it. Decked out in “The Nippled” Batman Forever outfits, sans Guzman who is in the 1970’s Batman movie getup.

This image (and others after the jump) Are from the set of the upcoming Arthur Reboot, the alcoholic rich guy with the infectious laugh (classic funny film) As far as I recall in the original film Arthur didnt dress up as Batman. So I dunno what the hell is going on here, but it looks like it will be a funny ass scene. Of course I dunno how I feel about Luis Guzman bulging crotch. Also, if you look at the picture REAL close, you can see, a liquor flask, A nip of booze, a blackberry, and a bunch of other gadgets I can’t ID.

There Are several more Expended pics after the jump!


Get Him To The Greek’s #1 Trailer

I don’t think there is a sequel, or day I say, spin off, that I have been waiting for more since Willow 2- Revenge of the Peck… However that film never came to fruition, but Get Him To The Greek, the official spin off to Forgetting Sarah Marshall has. With the same director and producers with a most excellent R rating, you have Jonah Hill as a record company intern with the task of getting the very famous (“Yes, for my sins..”) Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) back from England to the Greek Theater in LA….Although Sarah Marshall didn’t bank as highly as Superbad and Knocked Up, it was reviewed with A’s all across the board and I believe is the superior comedy. The thing that makes me nervous about this film is the “in your face”, crazy gross out, over the top humor, while FSM was affixed with much more dialogue driven humor (Not to mention several well placed penis shots).

I thought it would be much funnier if Jonah Hill reprised his role from FSM, the overly obsessed waiter who was borderline gay for Aldous Snow, and whenever they interacted it was terrific chemistry. But now it looks like Hill will be playing another character….Just as well…Can’t fucken Wait!!

Sunday July 26th, be at Rockefeller Center in New York City  and you will be in “Get Him to the Greek” the sequel to the amazing Sarah Marshall. The film stars Russel Brand as Aldous Snow, the hilariously out of control rock star from the first film and he will be putting on a concert for the Today Show in the movie, and YOU CAN BE IN IT!!

Russell called in on the Howard Stern Show on Thursdays show and invited anyone who wanted to come down and watch and participate in the film. You won’t be paid, but you will be a part of the concert crowd scene. For more film synopsis click on the flipside! (more…)