Hayley Atwell did a Ghostbusters by coming, seeing and kicking ass. From the minute she first showed up as Agent Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, she became a favorite for her stoic approach to dealing with b.s. and bad guys. Marvel and Disney then featured her in a one-shot short where her brand of 1940’s butt-kicking espionage left fans wanting more and more. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna get too. In fact, we’re about to get so much Hayley Atwell, half the globe’s geeks just might overdoes on her hot retro violence. Not only does Agent Carter have a new show coming our way via the ABC network, but she’s also coming back to the big screen as early as 2015. You got this far because you’re a nerd. But only real bastards keep clicking! (more…)


The character Nick Fury can be described as the glue that holds the Marvel Movie Cinematic Universe together. He hasn’t appeared in all the movies, but his presence was always felt. That’s probably why Marvel signed Samuel L. Jackson to a nine picture deal way back before the first Iron Man movie hit he big screen, but how much is left on that contract, and does Jackson have any interest in extending? (more…)

I really hoped that after the success of The Avengers, directer/writer Joss Whedon would go and make the long awaited follow up to Firefly. Alas, the dude is a little busy being the supreme overseer of Marvels cinematic universe. He’s currently in the process of developing The Avengers 2, a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and will also serve as a creative advisor on all of Marvel’s other movies in the Phase 2 plan. Ginger in charge, eh?

In a recent interview with 24 Hours, Whedon talked about his role in the second phase of Marvel master movie plan and the themes of The Avengers 2:

The creation of the team is not the happy ending. It is the beginning of something that is complex and difficult, and now I get to dig a little deeper. And maybe, while I’m digging, just twist that knife. And that’s exciting for me.

He then goes on to discuss what his role will be in Phase 2:

“Very talented people are writing and directing these movies, and what I don’t want to be is the guy they dread, who’s going to come in and say ‘Oh, well I have the power to say change this.’ I’m not that.”

What was all that about knife twisting? Is he going to kill more people!? Should I get my black armbands ready? As far as his input on the rest of the Marvel-verse, I say “Is Joss Whedon going bald, or is that his ego protruding?” Jokes aside,  I’m glad he has a say. It’s a nice security blanket.

Source: [24 Hours]


If there’s one guy who could be called the star of all The Avengers movies, even the ones he doesn’t appear in, it’s S.H.E.I.L.D. agent Phil Coulson. Clark Gregg quickly became the fan favorite and earned himself starring roles in short films made exclusively for the Thor and Captain America DVDs/Blu-rays. He is the glue that binds the Marvel movie-verse together. While Nick Fury may call the shots, it’s Agent Coulson who gets things done.

So it only seems appropriate to get Clark Gregg’s top five moments from all The Avengers’ tie-in movies. Check out the video for not only his top five, but a reminder why Gregg is such a delightful scene stealer.

Source: /Film

A while back I mentioned how Marvel might be looking to add short films to their ever expanding movie-verse. Today we’ve got the first clip of just such a film, the Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant. This will be one of two short films appearing on the Thor DVD/Bluray releasing in September. The shorts star Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson and focus on the every day comings and goings of a S.H.E.I.L.D. agent.

This clip in particular features Agent Coulson and Agent Sitwell discussing how they’ll convince General Thunderbolt Ross, of The Incredible Hulk, not to sign up with the team. It leads right into the post credit sequence from The Incredible Hulk where Tony Stark meets up with Ross in a bar. Is Stark the consultant mentioned in the title? Hmm, don’t know, we’ll have to catch the whole short to be sure. (But I feel confidant he is, judging by the eloquent description Coulson gives.)

I think these shorts are a smart, smart movie on Marvel’s part. Their films are obviously performing better than DC’s at the moment, and they’ve already begun connecting as many together as they can. Weaving these stories together will only cause their growing fan base to become more engaged. I think it’ll only be a matter of time before the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises will be tied into these Avengers movies. What better way to begin bridging those gaps than with accesible short features.

What do you guys thinks about Marvel’s plans for short features? Any character you think deserve a short after Agent Coulson?

source: GeekTyrant