Safe Sex

DC Heroes Help Promote Safe Sex


Super heros always get the ladies, or men if your one of those super sexy heroines. They fight for truth, justice, and the safety of their fellow man, even if that safety is safe sex. Just because your able to lift a city block with ease or shoot lighting out your ass doesn’t mean that your booty call will let you ride without a “cape”. With all these campaigns to promote safe sex what a better way then to use the heros of ink and paper to inform their readers that if we don’t play it safe, the villains win.

Super sexual awareness powers, activate.

Yes, these are not the actual Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel but it is their likeness being used. Part of the “Put It On, Again” exhibition at Nature Morte gallery in Delhi, the three iconic heroes are being used to help promote sexual awareness among India’s youth. Thankfully there’s no usage of Wonder Woman’s lasso as bondage gear or Captain Marvel using the stamina of Atlas to go another round. This was all done in a tasteful manner by artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra who are quoted respectively as saying.

“Superman is every girl’s man. He wears latex and saves the world. He is a larger than life character and we have used him as a metaphor to promote safe sex.”

“We live in the age of Internet where we can see porn films but can not talk about sex to elders. We thought its time to analyse our behaviour towards sex through art,” says Sumir Tagra, calling their effort a behavioural change exercise.”

If this were done anywhere else in the world we’d probably be seeing Superman telling youth that “faster than a speeding bullet” is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t let the ladies in their underwear fool you though, this is to promote a safer sexually charged generation of teenagers. The worse they could do besides this is start calling Lex Luthor a great father figure.

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Whether you’re getting laid or not, this is fucking awesome. Granted it’s more awesome if you actually get to put it on your penis and then put your penis in a vagina.  Artist Ben Marsh (check out his homepage here) created these badass packages for a sexual awareness campaign. Hang out after the jump for some up close pics and pixelated boobies!   (more…)