It’s been a nagging question since Dredd 3-D came out in September and sadly tanked at the box office, can there be any room for a sequel? Well, everything that doesn’t make a profit in cinemas has a second chance at life on home video, and to that end, things seem to be lining up well for the Pete Travis‘ adaptation of Britain’s favorite post-apocalyptic lawman.

Lionsgate is reporting that in its first week of release on DVD and Blu-ray, Dredd has sold 650,000 units, just over half of those on Blu-ray. In addition, Dredd was also the number one digital download for the week. Both good signs for the long-term popularity of the film, and the potential for a sequel.

But will it work? Possibly, Kick-Ass hardly blew up the box office and we’re getting a sequel this summer in prime box office real estate, all thanks to the DVD sale numbers in 2010. And perhaps the most famous example, the production and release of Joss Whedon’s Serenity, which came about purely because of DVD sales of the Firefly series box set.

So if you want a Dredd sequel, do your part, buy a DVD!

Source: Blastr

The results of Wii U’s first week of sales are good. Not Wii good, but good just the same (according to Gizmodo).

The sales numbers are officially in, and it seems that in it’s first week after the launch, the Wii U, Nintendo’s next generation console, sold 400,000 units, which is about 200,000 fewer Wiis that sold when that system was released six years ago, but still decent numbers.

Helping along those numbers were Black Friday sales, which ratcheted up Nintendo’s total haul for the week up to 1.2 million units, including Wii Us, various handheld units and and over 300,000 original Wii systems. It proves that despite the updated system, there’s still money to be made in the original Wii, and it proves that despite some mixed reviews, the new Wii seems to be very enticing to the video game playing public. That’s a good move on the part of Nintendo, being the first one out of the gate with the next generation of gaming system ahead of both Microsoft and Sony.

In other Wii news, Nintendo is releasing the new smaller Wii Mini for $99 on December 7th. The trick is that you have to be living in or near Canada can take advantage of it because the Mini system will only be available in the Great White North. (Eat it, Americans!)

So why no Wii Mini love for the United States? The Nintendo website offers no explanation, but Dan Milano of ABC News says that “Perhaps a quiet, limited relaunch is a good thing. Saving less knowledgeable parents and relatives from picking up the wrong ‘new Wii’ and causing Christmas morning disappointment.”

The Wii Mini will have no internet capabilities and will not be able to play GameCube games, but otherwise it will have all the fun of the regular Wii system for the low price point.

What say you Bastards, have you had a chance to play the new Wii yet, or are you sticking to the original?