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MOVIE REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man

Having only been five years since we last saw Spidey on the big screen, the timing of The Amazing Spider-Man hurts more than it helps. Add in the facts only two months ago we were hyperventilating over The Avengers and in a few weeks we’ll be in the midst of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight finale, and it only gets worse for the web-slinger. That being said, The Amazing Spider-Man is by no means a bad movie, or a bad super hero movie. It’s just that now, in 2012, the stakes for the super hero movie have been raised and Spider-Man falls a little short.

But like I said, Amazing Spider-Man is a good movie. Marc Webb scores big by crafting a believable origin for the teen hero that is more emotionally nuanced than Raimi’s and having a cast who deliver great performances across the board. The web-slinging and parkour acrobatics look fantastic, so good you’ll be craving more. And there’s one of the film’s hiccups, for a summer action flick there should be more heart-pounding action to keep you on the edge of your seat. The film’s highlights come not from spectacle or the climatic battle, but rather from the quiet moments between characters.

Minor spoilers follow.


While I’m sure these pictures aren’t the big Lizard reveal you’ve been hoping for, they do give us some clues as to what the scaly side of Dr. Curt Connors will look like. Unlike previous set photos this time Rhys Ifans doesn’t have a bag over his head like some kidnapping victim but instead is sporting some scaly skin effects.

The gallery after the cut also includes some of our first looks at Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Sally Fields as Aunt May (noticeably less dowdy than her previous screen incarnations) and Andrew Garfield interacting with his new Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone.

Think the skin effect looks nifty or pretty lame? It’s subtle, that’s fore sure. But maybe that’s because they’re saving up for their biggest reveal. Dr. Connors’ hand will actually mutate into a living, breathing…Kermit the Frog!

image source: TheMarySue

I’m sure it’s only a glove used to cover his hand for post-production CGI effects, but come on, seriously, it looks like a freakin’ muppet!

Make sure you check out the full gallery of The Amazing Spider-man images, arriving in theatres July 22 2012, after the cut.

source: GeekTyrant