Samus Aran


Our friends at Dorkly nabbed (OK, created) a series of images of well known video game characters encountering the new TSA security checks. It seems that not even video game characters are safe from the TSA pat-downs.

From characters such as the loud Toadstool to the lovable Kirby, to White Bomber (Bomberman) to Master Chief, we got a few images that I’m sure most of you will enjoy.

So click after the jump to check out rest of the images while I sit here and imagine the type of rampage Kratos will cause after having his “Gods of War” groped.

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If there is one thing that I know will never die, it’s the console wars. For years, people argue which console is the best when in reality, it seems they only argue in order to justify their purchase.  The one thing I won’t get tired of is these awesome videos of console war as we have a team of known Nintendo characters going up against the evil Firewall, which is a 360 with Bill Gates’ face on it.

The video is done by Doctor Octoroc, who brought us other awesome 8-bit and 16-bit videos such as 8-Bit Dr. Horrible and Jersey Shore: The RPG. The battle is done in Final Fantasy IV (or FF2 for some you) and is similar to the Demon Wall boss  battle.

The video is filled with many awesome things for gamers to love about and even though the Playstation wasn’t part of this video, I think the Sony fanboys will be satisfy when they see that the Firewall’s fate is pretty fitting.

Source: Kotaku


Yes that is Luigi, that is Luigi if in todays video game world you were given the option to have your playable character as a female. With games today, especially recent Bioware games (Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 1&2), gamers have the choice of what gender they want to play as. After the jump, you’ll see characters such as Lara Croft, Kratos, Link, etc. in a whole light as in a whole new gender. At least this way, some of ya’ll will now have fantasy with the female Link, I mean come on, who  can resist a sexy elf ear chick in a skirt… maybe I have a problem.


2415979622_9bbfc32ee6Nintendo held a huge new conference today, known as the Nintendo Media Summit, and once again, your Sony Trophy Whore gamer is here to give you guys the convenience to read it all in one post. Check after the jump to see what new Wii and DS/DSi stuff is coming for the gamers in the next couple months. (more…) preppin’ a SPIKE for ya;

With pose inspiration taken from official Metroid artwork, this spectacular statue is based on the official game files, in order to produce an extremely accurate recreation of the Phazon suit. This suit is cast in transparent resin– with over 25 LED lights– and finished off with a mirror base that really shows off the lights and the remarkable sculpture. When the lights are turned off, an internal IC chip allows them to fade out slowly. To create an authentic representation, the stunning piece is hand finished and hand painted with metallic paints. The statue measures 8-inches tall, with the base approximately 11-inches wide. It comes in a full-color box with a foam interior and card of authenticity, and is enough to make a Metroid fan out of anybody! Limited edition of 1,500 pieces.


Um, Hello assholes? LIMITED…..EDITION…..There are only 1500! Pre-order while there are pre-orders left to pre-order!! One of the coolest stauettes I’ve ever seen. Too bad they don’t have any with snap on armor….apparently Samus has a kickass body.