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ABOVE: CAT FIGHT! Or… I suppose Bat fight. It a battle of the Gotham’s extended Batman family as Batgirl takes on Batwoman in what looks to be the beginning of an all out slug-fest. While artists Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes have created an awesome melee between these heroines, it could use a little more tickling for my tastes. [Nickel Double]

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For those of us that haven’t freaked out on message boards or burned copies of Ultimate Spider-Man yet, the new Spider-man is a young African-American male named, Miles Morales. The news was hit with a ton of negative and racist comments online but that hasn’t stopped Marvel from making the change in the Ultimate universe.

For those that don’t know, anything can happen in the parallel universe known as the Ultimate series; heroes can die and sometimes someone else needs to step up. Your beloved Peter Parker is still alive in his own universe, so get over it. But with the ability to do whatever they want, continuity be damned, Marvel may have some big plans further down the line for Miles.

Creators of the series have said that they haven’t ruled out a gay Spider-Man and that stopped nugget of information is creating all kinds of confusion.

Say What? Click the jump to learn what Spidey’s sexual orientation will be, ’cause these things matter, people.