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Oh fellow nerds, this film is adorkable. While Wreck It Ralph, the latest Disney animated feature, is definitely a kids’ movie, it deals with topical moral issues like bullying, depression and learning that you are who you believe you are, not who people say you are. And it does all of that in a vivid, fun and nostalgic way. Everything about this movie will hook you on the story. From the script to the animation to the voice acting you will be wholeheartedly invested in Ralph’s journey and the journey of the side-characters, who all go through changes because of his willingness to challenge the status quo.


Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is quickly becoming the animated movie to see this November. With stars like John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, and Sarah Silverman voicing the characters, this movie is sure to please kids, their parents, and gaming fanatics like myself. The attention to detail shown so far in the trailer and clips has been incredible.
Producer Clark Spencer sat down with Sam Ashurst of Total Film to talk about the project how the project was able to get the rights to use all of our favorite video game characters that belonged to a myriad of competing video gaming companies.

“It was interesting part of the process, we talked early on about making the film authentic and the only way to do that was to have real game characters in the film as well as the characters we’d created, otherwise it would fell like an artificial environment.

But when you do that, you don’t know the reality of what characters you’re going to be able to license for the film.

Rich [Moore, director] and I went to E3, and pitched the movie to all the different game companies, talking about the concept.

What was great about that was we developed a one-on-one relationship [with the people at the game companies], and people warmed to the idea.

So they felt like it could be something interesting, but they were still a little skeptical, as they were giving their own creative characters over to Wreck-It Ralph.

And so we said we’d keep them involved in the process, and give them the script pages. We showed them the models, we showed them the early animation tests, and even the final animations.

We brought them along the entire way, and it made companies willing to participate, because they felt like we were going to be true to their characters.

As a result we got pretty much almost anything we wanted, because the companies started feeling the momentum and everybody pretty much said yes to us.”

Getting all those video game companies to agree is an amazing feat in itself, it must have looked like an almost impossible task in the beginning. I’m sure once one company agreed that the others most likely went with it so that their video game characters weren’t excluded from what could be a huge Disney movie blockbuster.

Spencer then went into detail about how specific those video game companies were about the use and appearance of their characters and how the production and animation team worked to include everyone in just about every step of the production.

“The games companies were very specific – there’s a scene in which Bowser drinks a cup of coffee, and they were very specific about how Bowser would drink coffee.

The other thing that was fascinating to me was that all of the companies know how tall their characters are.

There was lots of conversation about which character would be the biggest character in that Bad Anon scene. Even to the specifics of centimeters, but that was helpful, because we wanted it to be authentic.

We had a scene where we wanted the rings to come out of Sonic, and SEGA said the only way that happens is if he falls over, and we didn’t have him fall over in the scene, so we actually went back and re-animated it.”

There will be one HUGE video game character that won’t be making an appearance in Wreck-It Ralph, Mario will be curiously absent. Spencer addressed that issue by saying:

“The hard thing was, we were trying to work out the right way to use a character like Mario. It had to be organic to the film, we didn’t want to just paste him in there.

For Bowser, it made perfect sense for him to be a member of the Bad Anon group. For Mario himself we couldn’t think of the right way to incorporate him into the film, and so we didn’t do it.

Now we get to the human cameo in the film, Skrillex. It was announced at Comic Con that Skrillex would be contributing to the soundtrack for Wreck-T Ralph, but know we also know that Skrillex will be making his animated movie debut as well. When asked about this particular detail Spender said:

“We asked him if we could do it,” Spencer said. “We went to him first and said, ‘Hey, we have this party scene in the world of Fix It Felix Jr, and we have a DJ and we think it would make a nice cameo if we put you into it.’ And he was ecstatic.

We built his model, we put on his look, and we sent it to him to have him give us comments. And he said he would never wear non-black tennis shoes. He said “My tennis shoes will always be black.” So we changed the tennis shoes to black.

You don’t see them in the film, as he’s behind the DJ booth, but they were in the model. He has seen the animation, and he’s very, very excited about it.”

Who wouldn’t want to be in a Disney animated movie? This movie just keeps sounding better and better.The latest trailer is below, check it out.

Wreck-It Ralph hits theater screens on November 2nd, 2012.

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At this past weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX) arcade master and King of Kong star Steve Wiebe traveled to the local Gameworks, a casual dining and entertainment franchise in Seattle, WA to play Fix-It Felix Jr. The fictional game centered around Disney’s upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Since an actual arcade version of the game never existed until this past weekend, this made Steve the first gamer to play it, as well as the first one to break it’s high score.

Watch the video of Steve`s first game and the interview that followed below:

Obviously, this was a PR stunt in anticipation for Disney`s film. Regardless, it’s still pretty sweet seeing Wiebe in action.

Fans at Gameworks could play to beat Wiebe’s score. If they reached total victory, they would earn themselves  a free advanced screening of Wreck-It Ralph in their hometown. No word yet as to whether or not the prize was claimed. But honestly, who the heck is going to beat Wiebe? I for one, would be like “Wiebe got the high score, huh? Screw it, I can’t compete with that!”

Wanna see how you’d stack up against Wiebe? Well, you can still play the game on your home computer (HERE). WARNING: It’s very addicting. Oh, and Wiebe got a score of 444,000. Good luck, fucker.

Wreck-It Ralph, starring John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman hits theaters everywhere November 2nd, 2012.

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There’s a lot of anticipation out there for Wreck-It Ralph, not just because of lofty comparisons to Toy Story and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? but because it might be the best video game movie since The Wizard. (That may be a joke depending on your nostalgia factor.)

But there’s some new info floating about the internet today, and it just may give away a lot of the secrets, or potential secrets, of the film. Like what other video game characters might be popping up. A new press release from Disney, courtesy of Comic Book Movie, holds some revelations, but if you paid close enough attention to the recently released trailer you already have that info. So along with John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, here are the voice actors and characters they play:

Alan Tudyk (ABC’s “Suburgatory,” “Dodgeball”) as King Candy, ruler of Sugar Rush, a candy-coated cart racing game

Ed O’Neill (ABC’s “Modern Family”) as Mr. Litwak, owner of Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade

Mindy Kaling (“The Mindy Project,” “The Office”) as Taffyta Muttonfudge, an accomplished racer and Vanellope’s nemesis

Adam Carolla (“The Adam Carolla Show”) as Wynchel, Sugar Rush security

Horatio Sanz (“Saturday Night Live”) as Duncan, Sugar Rush security

Dennis Haysbert (CBS’s “The Unit,” “24”) as General from the first-person shooter game, Hero’s Duty

Edie McClurg (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” TV’s “The Life & Times of Tim,” “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”) – as Mary, a Nicelander who lives within the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Roger Craig Smith (Captain Marvel from TV’s “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” Ezio from game franchise “Assassin’s Creed”) as Sonic the Hedgehog

Gerald C Rivers (video game “Street Fighter” series) as M. Bison

Rachael Harris (“The Hangover,” TV’s “New Girl”) as Deanna, a Nicelander who lives within the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Stefanie Scott (Disney Channel’s “A.N.T. Farm”) as Moppet Girl, a young arcade enthusiast who visits Litwak’s arcade

Reuben Langdon (multiple “Street Fighter” video games) as Ken from Street Fighter

Kyle Hebert (multiple “Street Fighter” video games, TV’s “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”) as Ryu from Street Fighter

In other news, director Rick Moore was interviewed by Collider and in the 10-minute plus interview he hints at Easter eggs, who he could get (Tron and Pac-Man) and who he couldn’t get in terms of video game cameos, and, in what maybe the biggest news of all, whether or not any Marvel characters pop up in the film.

Check out the interview below:

Source: Comic Book Movie

Serenading Unicorn Rocks Sarah Silverman’s World

It looks like Sarah Silverman got tired of “Fraking Matt Damon” and moved on to greener pastures. While in those pastures it seems Sarah met, fell in love with, and moved in with a unicorn, not just any unicorn, but a magically, musically, talented, Serenading Unicorn. This is one of those crazy marketing ideas (from Juicy Fruit) that leaps out of the marketing box, grabs you by the ears, and plants a big, wet, sloppy, nerdy kiss right on the lips. Hell, I don’t even chew gum and I want to buy a pack of Juicy Fruit just to support this kind of marketing. So enjoy this first video of Sarah and Serenading Unicorn, then check out the others. There is one with Serenading Unicorn doing Gangsta that makes me cry.


You can tell that Sarah liked the concept and went with it. I expected more lines like, “You don’t touch my horn anymore,” or “You keep leaving glitter everywhere!” Over all the video just works. Click through the jump and check out the Gangsta video and tons more.



Sarah Silverman sits down with the producers from LOST and some serious magic happens. Her brilliant spin on the regular boring interview gives it a fresh hilarity that only Sarah can deliver. From a few strolls through the office, to making the LOST creators give a shocking admonishment, the ending will change your world forever.

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