Sarah Wayne Callies

On this past Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Killer Within,” fans were shocked at the death of two major characters in the series. Many people on social media poured out their sympathies for these characters, with their names trending throughout the evening. Even AMC’s Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick was shocked by the turn of events and he’s known about it for months!

According to series creator and writer Robert Kirkman, it was all part of the grand scheme of the series.

Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers for episode four of the third season-

For those of us not in attendance at Comic-Con, Twitter is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Sure, it in no way compares to actually being there, in the room, when big announcements are made but at least now we can learn these things instantly. And what did we learn instantly from The Walking Dead panel? AMC‘s hit zombie series will shamble back on to our screens October 14th. That’s only about 13 weeks away!

If you need more Walking Dead updates than 140 characters can handle, Cinema Blend was running a live blog of the panel. Here’s some highlights,

  • The prison set will look “amazing “and was created entirely on set.
  • The intensity level will start where it ended in Season 2 and keeps going from there.
  • Worried about the lack of zombies in Season 2? Apparently they were hanging back for Season 3 because “there will be a lot of them.” Including new animatronic puppets and new visual effects.
  • An iconic moment from the comic we can expect to see is Michonne (Danai Gurira) facing the Governor (David Morrisey). It’ll be in episode six which is written by Angela Kang.
  • We’ll see Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Michonne bonding while they’re separate from the group, Holden refers to Michonne as the “alpha female.”
  • Sarah Wayne Callies says she knows a lot pf people are mad at her, or rather Lori. “Uh, I’m Sarah. I play a home-wrecker on TV.”
  • Steve Yeun says Glenn’s gonna be, “”manning up and doing what he’s supposed to be doing.”
  • Andrew Lincoln on Rick, “”Rick has isolated himself from the group and his marriage. That’s the way that he is protecting everybody. It’s a really interesting way to start the season.”

And here’s a clip description of a scene screened at the panel,

Michonne using her sword, a helicopter takes flight (and is in trouble). Beth’s singing around the fire. Walkers at the prison. Maggie screams (gives me chills!) Rick says “We have to go in there. Hand to hand. This prison is ours.” Cut to inside the prison. Seems like they found a secure cell block. Shot of Andrea inside somewhere with Michonne. Scary scenes in the dark through prison corridors, trying to get past walkers. “You’re not prisoners here, you’re guests,” The Governor (I think). “Welcome to Woodbury.” Andrea telling him about the others. Implied stand-off between Rick and the Governor. “Fight the Dead. Fear the Living,” the text reads. Ends with Rick firing a gun. And then goes back for one image. Merl! He said something but people were cheering too loudly to hear.

Make sure you check out Cinema Blend for the whole panel recap! And believe me, if a grainy, bootleg version of that screened footage shows up online we’ll make sure to post it for ya.

UPDATE! You can watch the official – yay! no grainy footage – Walking Dead season three trailer here!