satoru iwata


If you don’t know the name Avi Arad, I’m sure then that you know the name Spider-Man. Well, Arad is the man that’s been producer of every live-action Spider-Man movie made from the good to excellent films by Sam Raimi through to the subpar Spider-Man 3 and on through the flaccid one-two punch of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. So let’s split hairs and say that Arad’s batting average at franchise management is .500, and then ask this question: Is Avi Arad the kind of man you want involved in making a new Super Mario Bros. movie? If you answered no, then good news, it seems that Arad has convinced the fine folks at Nintendo into letting him have the movie rights to the game. (more…)

Mashable reports that a Japanese newspaper talked to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and has revealed that the next Nintendo DS, dubbed by many as DS2, will have motion controls.

From the interview, Mashable infers that the new DS will have motion-sensitive controls similar to Wii remotes. More detailed graphics also are on the way.

However, the DS2 won’t have a 3G internet connection and, thus, won’t compete with the iPhone, Droid and others directly for those type of mobile gaming dollars. It appears that cartridges and downloads via wi-fi will retain their places.