Gotham Showrunner Bruno Heller told us he’d be teasing the Joker in the first season before the show even aired and fans and the Internet have been tracking all kinds of possible Joker teases since the series first premiered. We’ve gotten confirmed looks at a bunch of Batman’s villains in their pre-Batman versions. There’s the Riddler, the Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harvey Dent before the acid attack, and last night the origin of the Scarecrow. Now it looks like Gotham is ready to unveil Batman’s arch-enemy the Joker. (more…)

True Story. When Joel Schumacher‘s “Batman and Robin” came out, my 6 year old nephew was obsessed with Batman (I have no idea where he could have got that from *cough*). “Batman Forever” while not as good as the Tim Burton movies wasn’t that bad, and the little guy wanted to see it. What the hell. I rock as a Uncle, so we went. About halfway through the movie, he asked to leave. That was the last time he ever spoke to me. “Batman and Robin” may be the most reviled comic book to screen fiasco of all time, however we got off lucky. Schumacher, while promoting his latest movie ‘Tresspass’ revealed he had plans for a 5th Batman movie. Batman: Triumphant with Nicolas Cage as the Scarecrow.


Sorry, I just had to run around my office in some sort of weird solo victory lap. That is the most terribly awesome sounding movie I have ever heard of! Cage, as the Scarecrow, would have used his fear toxins to make Bats (who we could only pray would have seen George Clooney return to the role) see past enemies. Jack Nicholson as the Joker, since he was still under contract, would have appeared in this turd burger! No word on Schwarzenegger, Thurman or any of the other half dozen or so villains,  but we can dream.

This is what Schumacher told The Playlist:


Pikachu Mask by Sugarcoatidli3z

Pikachu mask by Sugarcoatidli3z

Some people like masks. Personally, I find them kind of creepy, but whatever floats your boat, right?

DeviantARTist Sugarcoatidli3z apparently doesn’t think masks are creepy. The adorable crochet artist created the Pikachu mask above for the following reason:

“well it’s getting cold and i wanted a ski mask, and i like pokemon so this is what you get when you combine all of the above.”

Well when you put it like that, even I’ll consider ordering a super-cute mask! Maybe. Thanks to Geekologie for the heads-up on the mask. Gotta catch ’em all!

After the jump, take a look at four other homemade masks of varying degrees of success. (more…)