science bros.


The superhero franchise wars took a serious turn today when Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo (Down and Ruff: Superheroes in the daytime, super 1970s homicide detectives in the nighttime) engaged Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the theater of SRAFTBFF (Super Rich and Famous Thespian Best Friends Forever) selfie adorableness combat.

After there is jumping, there shall be pictures!


science bros

For those unfamiliar with Science Bros., it’s one of those Internet things, created by fans of the science tag-team that is Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.  Naturally, since Robert Downey, Jr. and Mark Ruffalo played those iconic characters in the films, they’ve ended up as the staple faces of said Science Bros. phenomenon.  This fan-love graces the digital airwaves in many forms, from depicting the pair as science-wielding bad-asses to…er, showing some more intimate moments between the two (mainly with each other).  Apparently, Mark Ruffalo knew nothing about the trend and was asked about it in an interview with  Check out the actor’s rather amused response below.

As quoted from, Ruffalo’s response was as follows:

“Are you joking?” he asked as he began scrolling through the images. “There’s all this art of me and Robert?” Giggles gave way to full belly laughter. A concerned publicist came over, though Ruffalo was laughing so hard that he could barely explain himself to her.

“Is that a cartoon of you?” she asked.

“Yes! It’s me and Robert! Look at this! There’s thousands of them!” Ruffalo tried to contain himself. “It’s called the Science Bros. This is awesome. I’ve never heard of it. Why hasn’t anyone told me about that?”

So, what was Ruffalo’s final judgment?

Yeah! I love it; it’s awesome. I endorse it 100 percent. You know what it is? It’s open-source creativity. I’m going to call him [Robert Downey, Jr.] and tell him, and he’s going to laugh his ass off. He’ll love that.

Well, it’s always nice to know that the actors portraying our super hero favorites have a sense of humor.  Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Ruffalo as The Hulk in the near future.  And hopefully the Science Bros. trend can avoid any homoerotic pairing between Stark and Banner in his big green form.  I mean, ouch.


Thanks to vulture for the interview.