scott glenn


Scott Glenn nailed the character Stick in Netflix‘s first season of Daredevil, it was as close to the actual character jumping of the comic book page as possible and utterly delightful for this Daredevil fan. Now Marvel had confirmed his return for season two in three episodes. Why is Stick back in Matt Murdock’s life, I mean besides the new costumed identity and taking on the Hell’s Kitchen underworld? Let’s talk about it. (more…)


Marvel’s Daredevil comes to Netflix on April 10th. On April 1st, however, Nerd (that’s us) will be bringing you a thorough review of the first 5 episodes which we we’re privileged to see in advance of the premier. We can’t really go into it until the press embargo is lifted April 1st, but we can say, it is good… damn good. Fans of the comics will be pleased. And Marvel fans in general, will be taken back with just how dark, gritty, and full of substance this show has to offer. In comparison to Marvels normal fair of fun, cheeky, and thrilling cinematic products, Daredevil is a bold and exciting new direction.

In advance of the premier, Netflix is really starting to kick up it’s marketing, including this brand new TV spot. It features a lot of footage we haven’t seen yet, the most intriguing of which is Scott Glenn as Stick, the man who trains Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) to fight.  (more…)


When Marvel and Netflix came up with the idea for a Daredevil series, they tied that idea to a rocket and lit the fuse. All we’ve been hearing about it since have included casting news, set videos, story concepts, etc. It’s been an onslaught of information and it has done nothing but jazz up fans for this seemingly epic endeavor. While some efforts offer the occasional tidbit and leave you mostly in the dark, Daredevil has been barreling through its process, and made us part of it the whole way. As a champion of the theory that Marvel handles its properties better than any other studio, I have oodles of faith that this series will make us forget the Affleck travesty. Everything’s been spot on; from the projected tone to the casting. For example… (more…)