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With each new casting announcement we have to ask ourselves, is this really happening? Because it appears that the answer is yes. When Seth Grahame-Smith‘s revisionist spin on the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hit bookstores in 2009, it was an insta-hit in the making. Blame the high concept of undead Austen, or blame the lukewarm reception to that other Grahame-Smith book adaptation Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, or even blame Canada, but for five long years there’s been no sign that P&P&Z was, ahem, coming to life on cinema screens. But now, it has a distribution deal, and two new cast members in the form of a pair of Game of Thrones actors. Prepare to be Lannistered! because Lena Headey and Charles Dance are coming for romance. And zombie killing! In that order. (more…)

The first Resident Evil film was, early on, what looked to be the beginning of a successful film franchise filled with gore and action. You even a got a few shots of Milla Jovovich‘s naughty bits for good measure. After that though, things went down hill.

It no longer has any real connection to the original subject matter, the characters you actually want to see have become mere co-stars and Paul W.S. Anderson gets to nail his lead actress. It has finally peaked. But, after all the girl-on-monster fighting, we finally get what we’ve all been waiting for in this newest clip from Resident Evil: Retribution – girl-on-girl fighting action.

Except it comes with that filler and signature “go big, but add more quick cuts and slow-mo” filming you’ve come to expect from Anderson. And never mind that you can’t hear the audio. It was too embarrassed to be involved in this rough cut you’re about to watch.

Honestly, is anyone – Paul in particular – even trying anymore or is Screen Gems just prepping us for Resident Evil: Shut up and give us your money?

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First Trailer for ‘Underworld: Awakening’

It’ll be exactly six years to the day since the first Underworld movie, but on January 20th, 2012 Selene and those lovely butt huggers are back.

Sony’s Screen Gems has released the new trailer for Underworld Awakening, directed by team Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. The sequel returns Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two Underworld films, to her lead role as the vampire warrior Selene, who escapes 12 years of imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have not only discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, but have started conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species. Sparkling vampires this definitely is not, but shirtless werewolves are still there ladies.

Underworld: Awakening stars Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Theo James, India Eisley and Charles Dance.

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Oh great, another crappy video game movie.  From Capcom, the company that brought us the Resident Evil Franchise comes, Devil May Cry.  Now while the Resident Evil films have done quite well over the years, another movie where the lead character (Dante) just runs around fucking up someone’s day seems pretty pointless. Don’t we have another installment of Riddick coming our way to fill that void? As of now all we know is that the video game company plans to deal with Hollywood big boys Screen Gems to make the pic and that it will be penned by Kyle Ward (Kane and Lynch).

What do you guys think of this game coming to life on the big screen? Can the same company responsible for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li learn from their mistakes, or are they doomed to repeat history?

Below is a trailer for the new DMC the movie would be based on:


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Resident Evil 5 is happening. Excuse my while I slam my dick in a sliding glass door, repeatedly. ARGHH! Resident Evil Afterlife (4th in the series) was terrible. It was all style and no substance. Awful dialogue, and embarrassingly simplistic storytelling. It was just pubescent eye candy. Slo-mo decapitations and other forms of gory special effects. A 2 hour music video! Bah! I few-king hate that movie. As well as it’s two predecessor (First one I kinda dug).

Well, apparently I’m alone on this because Afterlife outgrossed every single other film in the franchise, including a huge $200 million plus overseas. So now, Screen Gems has just announced that Milla Jovovich will be reprising her role as Alice in the yet-to-be titled fifth Resident Evil film for a theatrical release on September 14th, 2012.

Oi! I can’t imagine what type of human being enjoyed Afterlife, the piece of shit it is, even as a “guilty pleasure.” Regardless, a flick makes $296 million and I can’t say I’m surprised they wanna keep tapping into that well.

You RE fan-boys are welcomed to disagree with my wishes to see more Resident Evil flicks, but this franchise can sniff my taint.

There is no word yet if Paul W.S. Anderson will return to helm the film, or if other cast members will be reprising their roles. Screen Gems recently announced their plans to bring another video game franchise, Devil May Cry, to the silver screen. So in other words, Screen Gems is the devil.


Those that have played Capcom‘s shoot-em up slug fest know as Devil May Cry know just what the game is all about. Less about a story and more about how many times you can hit the same button and turn it into a 47 hit combo, it barely had a story in the first place. With a reboot of the franchise soon to be running at full steam it looks as good a time as any to start hitting the ‘X’ button  and driving the series straight into the ground. The devil may actually cry when he finds out his name is being used in the future ‘Devil May Cry’ live action movie.

Can I change the difficulty to suck?

Thanks in part to the success (?) of the live action Resident Evil starring Milla Jovovich, video game films are back on the rise in Hollywood. Maybe Street fighter would have been a better movie now than in 1994 but I digress (Hail Bison). Anyway, in a bid to jump on and secure their grip on video game movies film studio Screen Gems has bought the rights to the demon slaying Capcom title. Yeah, it won’t star Milla but the trenchcoat wearing badass known as Dante but you can still dream, or rule 63 the hell out of it. All they need now is a writer, oh wait they already do.

Kyle Ward, who just so happened to pen another video game adaptation (Kane & Lynch) has been asked to create the world where a man with white hair kicks ass and doesn’t ride a segway. Seen as a potential franchise of films this could go either way as Devil May Cry was originally a sequel to the Resident Evil game, only to break free the undead and into the open arms of demonic creatures. You can’t blame Capcom though as it’s gone through a bit of a reboot itself, not to mention the ideas that can be pulled from the already solid line up of toys and comics based on the game. As for a story, what can the do to beef up the near non-existent strength that plot of the game had?

Maybe if they hire someone who knows how not to turn this into a ‘Double Dragon’ type of movie (it exists) they could stand a chance. If not, they can alway hire Milla again.

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