Screen Junkies

Let’s face it, no one thought that the Fast and the Furious franchise would last as long as it has. It’s actually surprising that a movie made in 2001 about a bunch of car thieves would expand into an eight film franchise filled with (now) car-thief/international spies. The premise is ridiculous, and yet, it has grossed more than $5 billion worldwide, becoming Universal’s biggest film franchise. In the most recent film, The Fate of the Furious, they upped the ante and had Vin Diesel’s Dominic betray his “family” and team up with a cyber terrorist, forcing them to save both him and the free world. The film was pure popcorn fun, and based on the box office, there’s no slowing this down.


Most out there have witnessed the critical tirade that is Honest Trailers. Brought to the world byScreen Junkies, this amusing series of YouTube videos takes the movies that we all know and love (and sometimes hate with a passion) and tear them into little pieces for all the stupid crap that the writers, producers and directors decided would make good cinema. And it appears as if the Screen Junkies crew has now achieved a milestone, what with this, their 200th episode. The parody series takes an honest look back at Hugh Jackman in FOX’s 2017 third and final solo Wolverine film, Logan. Oh, and they seek the help of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool to do it.   (more…)


If there is one thing that Screen Junkies has made quite clear over the years, it is that no one is safe from ridicule, that any and every movie must be criticised to prove its worth. No matter how great it might be to the untrained eye, the Honest Trailers series will expose every flaw in all the most popular releases. In their most recent video, they’ve taken on be the baddest of the bad. The most dangerous villains in the entire DC universe have come under the critical eye of one of YouTube’s most scathing pop culture critics. (more…)


Our good friends at Screen Junkies are at it once again, this time taking on X-Men: Apocalypse. The third sequel in the “First Class” trilogy was not well received by critics and fans. You can see our review of the movie here.  After nailing the second film, Brian Singer returned to the director’s chair to have supervillain Apocalypse fight the X-Men. Some parts of the film worked, most didn’t. Screen Junkies, never willing to hold a punch, created an “Honest Trailer” for the latest mutant film.


X-Men Animated

Depending on how old you are, Fox’s X-Men: The Animated Series was your comic book bible during the ‘90s.  The show premiered on Fox as part of their Fox Kids Saturday morning lineup, you know back when there were cartoons on Saturday mornings.  The show gave the most accurate-to-the-comics stories from any adaptations that have come from comic books during that time, and probably since then.  The show did an exceptional job capturing the feel of the comics during the Jim Lee era.  The show covered all sorts of hugely popular stories from the comics including Days of Future Past, Dark Phoenix, Genosha, Mojovision, Weapon X, The Phalanx, and much more.  Needless to say, before superhero films exponentially grew, this was the best comic book adaptation we had.  I dare you not to hum the theme song!


Check Out the Honest Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’


Everyone is completely preoccupied with Star Wars right now. There is nothing else. Sign painters are just painting the words Star Wars on everything, judges are finding all defendants “Star Wars,” and in the latest polls, Star Wars has been found to have taken the lead in the republican primary. (Whew, that’s a relief.) If you’re not excited about Star Wars right now, then you’re a liar. In the midst of all this excitement and Star Wars over-stimulation, Screen Junkies (the channel that does those honest trailers on YouTube) has released a new honest trailer on YouTube for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Let’s check it out below.



An Honest Trailer for Toy Story? Perish the thought. More often than not, the targets for Screen Junkies‘ Honest Trailers segment is a movie that doesn’t have a lot of, shall we say, renown. Sometimes a Matrix, or Jurassic Park, or Dark Knight slips through, but recent victims have included Armageddon, Fifty Shades of Grey and Ang Lee’s Hulk. So what, oh what can they say about Toy Story? It’s a modern masterpiece, the first of a long string of Pixar hits and an artistic work that revolutionized how animated works are conceived and created. Well, it turns out that Toy Story is pretty messed up on a lot of levels. Don’t believe me? Well this is an honest trailer after all. (more…)


Our friends at Screen Junkies  have submitted another entry in their ongoing Honest Trailer YouTube series. This time, they breath their fiery verbal quips and cynicism onto The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Before you say goodbye to Middle Earth with The Battle of the Five Armies, relive The Desolation of Smaug, the bloated second chapter in Peter Jackson’s mercilessly long Hobbit trilogy.  (more…)