The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s fuckin’ weird shit like Superman rupturing Lois Lanes vagina with his super sperm, Gandalf docking Magneto, bestiality with the Ninja Turtles and shit like that. But there are a lot of awesome things that we see on a daily basis, and we’re lazy nerd bastards so we just round them all up once a week for your nerdgasm glory.

First up, we have a set of bizarre Superhero sculptures by artist Calvin Ma. The sculptures include characters such as  He-Man, Batman, Spider-Man, Lion-O and more. While these are impressive and I clap my hands at seeing truly unique designs, I confess that I will not sleep tonight. “Can’t sleep, Spider-Man sculpture will eat me!

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Nerd Art Stock Pile? There’s a lot of nerd art on the net. Mostly it’s fan-fiction tentacle Pr0n, but hey we’re not complaining. We see so much neato art work on a daily basis, but for whatever reason they don’t make it to the front page of Nerd Bastards. We’re either lazy, or a piece of stand alone artwork isn’t enough to warrant a full post. Mostly we’re lazy. But, who are we to rob you of this net glory? We’re bastards but we’re not assholes. So here’s a round-up of the latest Nerd Art; intended for eye masturbation purposes.

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Today is the 107th birthday of Ted Geisel. That’s Dr. Seuss for you heathens out there that didn’t know.

What many don’t know though is that before the books, there was the artist that doodled and created sculptures. All through his life Ted wrote, drew, painted, and sculpted wonderfully whimsical artwork that tugged at the child inside each of us while allowing the adult mind to see beyond to the surface to the social commentary within.

Seuss’s 1930’s creations A Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy is a great example of his talent that can be enjoyed by everyone through the 1997 The Art of Dr. Seuss project. Collectors were offered the opportunity to purchase lithographs, serigraphs and sculpture reproduced from Seuss’s original drawings and paintings.

In her introduction to the collection Audrey Geisel (Dr. Seuss’s wife) wrote, “I remember telling Ted that there would come a day when many of his paintings would be seen and he would thus share with his fans another facet of himself – his private self. That day has come. I am glad.”

Click through the jump to see more of Seuss’s Taxonomic wonders.

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Stay Puft Snowman

Choose You Destroyer, How About Light & Fluffy?

What’s worse than a giant monster destroying New York City looking like a giant Michelin tire mascot? A mini Marshmallow monster destroying your backyard that’s what.

Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft Marshmallow man, built from snow in someone’s yard, after the recent snowfall that blanketed 49 of the 50 states. Which made the country look like the end of the first Ghostbusters movie. Just imagine all that snow as exploded, melting marshmallow over New York and you won’t mind the winter anymore. I really hope a child built this though, cause Gozer has no clue what to make.

It does kinda look like the twisted love child of Stay Puft & Michelin man after on too many body shots.

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pacman-1(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Awhile back a DeviantARTist by the name of Kalapusa created this awesome, one of a kind Piranha Plant garden sculpture. Looks like he’s at it again and this time he’s brought to life that little yellow ball. That’s right, Pac-man has received his own sculpture and it looks fantastic. Ghosts every are cowering in fear with the knowledge that a creature the size of a tennis ball will eat them for points.

Sure, this Pac-man isn’t as adorable as it’s 8-bit counterpart (the original is always the best).

“My follow-up to Making a Piranha Plant, this animated depiction of the last days and final destination of a P. rotundus specimen is part of my 8-Bit Labs series of sculptures.”

Each piece in the 8-bit Labs series is based on a classic videogame character we all know and love (or for some, hate) seen through the prism of real-life anatomy. Created with clay, painted in acrylics and sealed in resin, to give the appearance that the specimen has been preserved in formaldehyde (just like Lenin). This looks so real, you could just walk up and hug the little yellow bastard. Another fantastic creation from the mind of a mad genius, that’s played too much Nintendo.

Hit the jump to see some shots of this “Living” Pac-man in action (including the one in formaldehyde) and a video of his creation. Just cup your balls though, we’ve heard he as an acquired taste for them.

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Screen shot 2010-03-01 at 4.05.11 PM

I’ve written a book. I have published it. But I have never used this as a venue to advertise it even though I’m head writer and one of the OG’s of the site with our gorgeous roster. But what I can say is that I have terrible artistic skills. Scrapbooking, drawing, painting, sculpting, I’ve always lacked any kind of real finesse. With writing on the other hand, when not writing a basic article, I was always able to draw with my words… So this video absolutely astounds me and makes me feel like a tiny useless little man.

Bioshock 2 has been making the rounds, and the re visit back to Rapture felt like old home week. While I have some other things to say about the game, now is not the time or place, but playing as the original Big Daddy Delta, has its pro’s and con’s.

This artist, took an action figure and carved out Delta like a lumberjack…A lumberjack with NerdBastard-like superpowers. Watch in amazement.

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