When do you start exposing your children to classic movies? According to artist Josh Cooley, sooner than you’d think!

Cooley has created a picture book based on scenes from classic movies that you can read to your kids before they go to bed. Why not give the little younglings some culture? We all know Dr. Seuss isn’t going to teach them anything useful in life.

Check out below the jump for a sample of some of his work, and you can also check out his book, and even order prints of the pages, here.



The movie, Se7en starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is one of the strangest and most screwed up movies I have ever seen … and I loved it.

Who can forget that ending, with Pitt shouting, “What’s the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOOOXXXX?!?!?”

Thankfully, the website The Daily What has provided you with a way to watch the ending of Se7en deserves to be seen … using stuffed animals.

While the stop-motion animation is a little wonky, it works. It is simultaneously cute and horrifying.

However, if you have not seen Se7en, do not watch the YouTube clip embedded below the jump, as it will ruin it for you.

But if you have seen the movie, definitely give it a watch!