sea-of-supermanSuck it, old record holders (a paltry 437 FYI) ’cause more than 500 Sears employees rallied at the company’s suburban Chicago headquarters to set an all new Guinness World Record for the largest number of people assembled in one place dressed as Superman (because that’s apparently a thing now.)

Today (June 6) 566 Sears employees spent their lunch hour in the courtyard of the company’s Hoffman Estates headquarters with Guinness World Records adjudicator Philip Robertson on hand to make sure they all obeyed the rules. To qualify, each costume had to feature red boots, a blue bodysuit, a yellow belt, the signature Superman “S” and a red cape.

Why did they do this? Well Sears is a promotional partner with Warner Bros. Superman reboot movie, The Man of Steel,  so that may have something to do with. Besides, casual Fridays was getting kinda lame anyway.

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As digital downloads and streaming seems to be the way of the future, we also get many companies trying to dip their greedy ass hands into it by providing some sort of digital service. Sears, who also owns K-Mart, has just released their digital service recently called Alphaline Entertainment.

The service is pretty basic as it gives you the option to rent or buy flicks and TV shows. Most of the movie rentals will cost you $3.99 while buying a movie can be priced up to (most of them are) $19.99. TV shows will set you back about $1.99 an episode or you can buy a whole season, in which the price will be set $1.99 an episode (boo, no discount).

Pretty much, we got another standard and simple digital service that isn’t really doing anything new and is trying to compete with Netflix, in which they completely dominate with their Instant Streaming and DVD service. While it’s always good to have competition, I don’t see why Sears had to enter into this market as they are not doing anything new.

What do y’all think of this new? Is this something you would try out or is Netflix the way to go? Also, what would you like to see be provided in a digital service? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

Source: /Film

Check Out “The Undead Side of Sears”

Sears Zombie

This is TOTALLY unexpected but fucking Sears of all retailers has decided to come up with a zombie advertising campaign for its new commercials.  Now most likely this is a seasonal thing with Halloween right around the corner but it’s ABSOLUTELY hilarious!  With the cheesy Sears Rep. spouting out lines like “Be sure to check out all of our workout equipment and get those undead muscles moving again”  there is no denying the charm of this ad.  Although ad campaign doesn’t appeal to Sears general shopping demographic it’s wonderfully clever and will hopefully be seen all over the place soon!  Check out the ad here!

Source: GeeksAreSexy