Season 6.2

DOCTOR WHO: “Closing Time”

Doctor Who┬áis nearing the end of its sixth season with a lot of things unsettled, but even with many plot threads left to (hopefully) wind up, the writers aren’t afraid to take the time to have a little fun. “Closing Time,” the season’s penultimate episode, sees the return of both the Cybermen and Craig Owens (James Corden) from the superfun season five episode “The Lodger.” Like “The God Complex” before it, it’s an adventure story laced with implications for the season finale, but unlike “The God Complex,” this time The Doctor gets to run around a department store toy department and chat with a baby.

Warning: a few spoilers ahead


DOCTOR WHO: “The Girl Who Waited”

All companions of The Doctor are subject to psychological torment in one way or another, and it only makes sense that the husband and wife duo of Amy Pond and Rory Williams would be subject to double the trouble. They’ve been through a lot these past few episodes, and their difficulties only get another dimension with “The Girl Who Waited.” The title refers to Amy, but much of the burden of this episode is all on Rory’s shoulders.