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You gotta hand it to HBO. They always put every last drop of effort in everything they produce, even if some of their works never quite make it to the bitter end (Carnivale nerds, you may now nod your heads solemnly). With Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 just around the corner, the network has recently gone ahead and released a featurette video, showing the work behind the elaborate sets that have contributed into making the grim fantasy mega-hit of the decade…



We’ve recently gone over the news of the inevitable delay of George Martin‘s latest installment in the hit grimdark Song Of Ice And Fire series, which vexed the author and legions of nerds alike. Its delay caused considerable controversy (and some conspiratorial whispers) about the possibility of the HBO series veering too far away from the source material, which was made worse by the cryptic and downright grim Season 6 teaser that was recently released. However, the author recently decided to ease his fanbase’s fears by making a pretty bold statement…



The Venture Brothers, quite frankly, kicks several kinds of ass.  If you’ve never seen the wacky show about the crazy Venture family (aging-scientist father Thaddeus “Rusty” and well-meaning-but-pretty-dumb twin brothers Hank and Dean) and their exploits against the villains of their world (led by “arch-nemesis” The Monarch, among several ridiculous others), I’mma need you to stop reading right now and go track the first five seasons down.  You can tweet me and thank me tomorrow.  Today brings good news, friends: the long-awaited sixth season of the show is set to debut soon! (more…)


Need a Valentine’s Day present?  It’s never too early to start thinking ahead, so in that spirit, we’ve got two gifts for you, courtesy of AMC and its hit show, The Walking Dead.  The show returns to the air for the second half of its sixth season on February 14th, and we’ve got a fresh trailer for the newest episode to hold us over until then.  As if that’s not enough: the latest issue of Shape magazine has a lovely pictorial of everyone’s favorite all-my-family-is-dead-except-my-husband ass-kicker, Lauren Cohan, in the periodical’s current issue.  Read on to see more about both topics! (more…)


I hope everyone that wasn’t watching The Walking Dead last night wasn’t spending their time on Twitter because around 9:47 pm EST the place blew up with a pretty big spoiler. What is this spoiler? Did you not watch the show? Obviously, it won’t be spoiled in this paragraph because we think of the children here at Nerd Bastards, but this article will addresses said spoiler and Dead executive producer Scott M. Gimple‘s somewhat ambiguous response to the matter. So is [SPOILER] [SPOILER], or is he, as some fans have been theorizing, [SPOILER] and well having barely escaped the [SPOILER] of [SPOILER]. Seriously, spoilers ahead. (more…)


It’s tough times in the special effects make-up game as the greater emphasis has been put on digital effects; even a legend like Rick Baker has had to retire because the work just isn’t there anymore. Of course, one place where there is still work is The Walking Dead, where make-up artist Greg Nicotero and his crew kill it every week with some of the greatest zombies ever put on film. The artistry is easy to admire as its all down practically, but is Dead about to cross into the final frontier? Will the zombies now feature – *gasp* – digital parts? According to Nicotero, the answer is yes. (more…)


As the recent record-breaking premiere of Fear the Walking Dead proved, people are still nuts about zombies, and thus it should be no surprise that the Q&A for cast members of original recipe The Walking Dead was at capacity Sunday morning at Fan Expo. Unlike Dragon Con, which has the benefit of being in the hometown of Dead, Atlanta, GA, only three members of the cast were in attendance at Fan Expo this year, but that didn’t even slightly dampen the enthusiasm for the show or its stars.  (more…)

DOCTOR WHO: “Closing Time”

Doctor Who is nearing the end of its sixth season with a lot of things unsettled, but even with many plot threads left to (hopefully) wind up, the writers aren’t afraid to take the time to have a little fun. “Closing Time,” the season’s penultimate episode, sees the return of both the Cybermen and Craig Owens (James Corden) from the superfun season five episode “The Lodger.” Like “The God Complex” before it, it’s an adventure story laced with implications for the season finale, but unlike “The God Complex,” this time The Doctor gets to run around a department store toy department and chat with a baby.

Warning: a few spoilers ahead


Sunday was the final day of San Diego ComicCon International 2011, and between all the ranting against DC’s “New 52” relaunch and a Glee panel (What the hell? This is ComicCon, you idiots! Jane Lynch can stay, the rest of you get the hell out!), something important actually happened: we got to see the first clips from Doctor Who‘s fall episodes.

The Series Six, Part 2 trailer released by the BBC was only a minute long, but in true Doctor Who fashion it packed in all manner of awesomeness. Lots of Nazis, including Hitler himself, turned up in what are presumably clips from the fall premiere, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” along with Churchill toting a gun and some other 1940s badassery. Then we get to the really good stuff.

First, you’ve got The Doctor proclaiming he’s going to die, and someone bringing up that crazy Impossible Astronaut from the spring episodes. Chase that with Amy wielding swords, Rory riding a motorcycle, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, something that looks like a Minotaur on meth, the return of Craig from the season five episode “The Lodger” and River Song rocking an eye patch. Oh, and the creepy silence show up too. And in a further display of fashionable daring, The Doctor goes and turns up in a top hat (top hats are cool).

We’ll have to wait until September to see what all this madness is about, but Steven Moffat and crew have certainly been up to their usual tricks. Check it out:

The concept of faith is a very heavy subject in season six of Dexter. America’s favorite serial killer has more issues then ever. During yesterday’s “Dexter” panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, stars Michael C. Hall, C.S. Lee, Mos Def and Colin Hanks were all present to talk about the upcoming season. They even dropped the premiere date for the fans, how sweet are they?

Showtime was generous enough to release the full trailer for the sixth season of “Dexter” to come out Sunday, October 6th at 9PM.

Like we previously mentioned, this season will heavily rely on the theme of faith. With all the things Dexter has done he has begun to grapple with the fear of what may become of his son. Hall reportedly said that Dexter has become fearful that his murderous ways may pass on to his son, now sharing similarities in the way they have and are growing up. As we’ve reported before, the main theme for the new season is faith. This is shaping up to be the most sinful season of Dexter yet.

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