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This time last year, we were well into enjoying the sixth season of Game of Thrones, but because winter is here, circumstances have forced us to wait a little while longer to see the next phase of the great game play out. Perhaps these will tide you over. We’ve got 15 – count ’em! – 15 brand new photos from the new season and what they lack in action they make for in the appearance of a group of people waiting for the action to commence. From Oldtown, to King’s Landing, to Winterfell, the only thing that’s certain is that the end is almost here. (more…)

Normally, this is the time when we would be getting most excited about the pending arrival of the next season of Game of Thrones. April was usually the launching point for the new season, but the arrival of winter on the series required that shooting dates to be pushed back, so summertime is the time for Game of Thrones now, and winter is very much hinted at in this latest teaser for the show’s penultimate season. In it, three of the series primary characters get ready for the final battle, glaring at the screen with the expectation that some bad stuff is about to go down.  (more…)


Today HBO announced True Blood‘s next season will be its last, finally burying their long-standing, vampy smut fest after seven years. And there’s no denying it was a good seven years. Continually, True Blood would bring in incredibly good ratings, and up until Game of Thrones came along the series was HBO’s flagship drama.

HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo,

True Blood has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO. Together with its legions of fans, it will be hard to say goodbye to the residents of Bon Temps, but I look forward to what promises to be a fantastic final chapter of this incredible show.

It also survived a turbulent period where showrunner Alan Ball left the series before it came back for the sixth season, bringing into question whether or not that sixth season would happen at all. But under the guidance of new showrunner, Brian Buckner, the series has re-surged with some calling this season one of its best, yet. Plus, it’s been confirmed all major players (Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, etc.) will be returning for True Blood‘s final season.

Personally, I stopped watching early on last season as I couldn’t handle its dive from the delightfully ridiculous to the outright ludicrous, but the news next season will be its final has certainly intrigued me to catch up. You?

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We’re into the final stretch, Doctor Who returns with the second half of its seventh season in less than 24 hours! How have you been holding up? Did you enjoy our Doctor Who fan art compilation? What did you think of The Eleven Best Episodes From The Eleventh Doctor, Part 1? Well, we hope you liked them, we did it all for you. We’re even running a contest where you could win a Doctor Who Companion Prize Pack!

The first part of our best episodes list covered Season 5, Matt Smith‘s first season, and what I still consider to be one of the finest seasons of Doctor Who, ever. From here on out the picks for our will be pulled from Seasons 6 and 7A, which I’ll admit are a trickier bunch to choose from. It was only a matter of time before the Moffat Era of Who would begin hitting a few bumps along the way. But that’s not to suggest there aren’t some simply spectacular episodes of Doctor Who yet to come! Hit the jump for more of the Eleventh Doctor’s best episodes. Come along, Ponds!



Doctor Who turns 50 this year, and while we all know season 7 starts up again in a couple of weeks, we’re still not sure what other sorts of plans that the producers, the BBC and Steven Moffat have up their sleeves to celebrate.

Until now.

In an interview recorded for Gallifrey One, the annual Doctor Who fan convention, Moffat talked about what’s coming up in the second half of season 7, the anniversary plans for the series, and he answered some fans questions about the writing, directing and production of the show. Unfortunately, the embedding was disabled, so you’ll have to click over to You Tube to watch the full 15 minute interview, but first some highlights.

On the matter of the party planning for Who’s 50th year Moffat says don’t believe the rumor mill. There will be more than one, 60-minute special to celebrate, including the balance of season 7, the Adventures in Time and Space bio-pic film that will bow sometime in the fall, and the usual Christmas special on December 25th.

Doctor Who – the 50th – is approaching us with various different things a lot of different things going on. Don’t believe the nonsense about one sixty-minute film, that’s complete nonsense.”

Other notes:

*Moffat called the 3-D for the 50th anniversary special, “a proper old headache”

*The eagerly anticipated return of the Ice warriors, Moffat calls “an absolute cracker of an episode”

*Despite rumors, a return of the Master is not “off the table”

*Moffat has already begun to make plans for season eight

*”The offer is continually made” for Russell T. Davies to return as a writer, although he keeps politely declining

*”Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” is happening, and it’s happening this season. The title of the episode if also to be taken literally

In other Moffat news he confirmed that Sherlock’s new season is “gearing up for production very, very soon. Next month.” So if you’re a fan of that series, there’s something else to look forward to this year from your British Broadcasting Corporation.

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If there’s one show that connects with the heart of the nerd/geek community, it’s Futurama. Fry, Leela, Bender, the Professor, Hermes, Amy, and, uh, oh right, Zoidberg; the Planet Express crew is much like the families we all have. Those made through camaraderie, not blood. Well, maybe a little blood. And after being one of the few shows to ever be resurrected from dreaded cancellation they’re all returning for the second half of Season 7 this summer.

Check out this hilarious highlight reel, courtesy of Comedy Central and Vulture,

Fry with rainbow teeth? Leela with tentacles? Two Zoidbergs!? What is going on? And is that the return of Fry’s ever faithful dog, Seymour?

UPDATE: BBC America has confirmed an official premiere date as Sept. 1st at 9pm ET. Because they’re sick, twisted folks who like to play mind games.

You’ve all wondered, now you know. The premiere date for Doctor Who season 7 is… mentioned in the following video:

So there you have it! “Asylum of the Daleks” will air on BBC America on September 8th, officially kicking off the seventh season of the series and Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary celebration. Undoubtedly, the show will premiere on the same day, or around then, on both Space in Canada and the BBC in the U.K.

Who’s looking forward to the new adventures in the TARDIS?

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As we continue to bask in the wonder that is the season seven launch trailer, filming continues on the second half of Doctor Who‘s seventh season, set to air in 2013. Gathered by Doctor Who set reporter extraordinaire, Ryan Farrel, this gallery of images and video come from the Mark Gattis-penned episode, “The Crimson Horror.” Take a look, but be wary, some of these images may contain spoilers.

Speaking of spoilers, Doctor Who TV has compiled what they feel is a pretty reliable list of spoilers for the upcoming season. I’ve included it below the cut, so don’t continue on if you don’t want any more clues as what could be going on in that trailer.


Season seven of Doctor Who is so close you can almost taste it! I expect it tastes quite a bit like fish fingers and custard. Returning in the fall with no official date set yet, we’re expecting to see the TARDIS crew either late August or early September. Still, it’s that close, guys! We’ve made is through most of the wait already.

When the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan), and Rory (Arthur Darville) come back what new dangers will they be facing? Daleks and divorce! Or so the rumors go. What follows is pretty spoilery so if you’d like to remain pristine and clean about season seven, stop now. We’ll see you in the fall.

Here’s the most recent report from Doctor Who TV,

The pre-title sequence of the opener will reportedly see both Amy and Rory kidnapped by a pair of mysterious characters, believed to be working for the Daleks.

One of them, Cassandra (played by Naomi Ryan), is sent to get Amy. Amy is now a full-time model and is doing a photoshoot when she is taken.

Another person, who is posing as a London bus driver, teleports Rory away when he gets on. Rory is on his way to the solicitor to file for divorce at the time.

Cassandra and the bus driver both appear to be human but transform into something else just before they take The Ponds…

Who could be working with the Daleks? And divorce papers! Oh my. I knew the end was going to be a tragic one for The Ponds but I’d hate to imagine they won’t be facing it together.

What are your hopes for the next season of Doctor Who?

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The Official Doctor Who Teaser Trailer Arrives

Is it Sheriff Doctor or Doctor Sheriff? Yesterday we showed you the hush-hush, naughty-naughty version of the Doctor Who season/series 7 teaser trailer. There was caution tape all around it and broken glass on the floor, and you could hardly hear a thing being said — today though, we offer up the full 1 minute and 15 second long teaser trailer in glorious sound, color, and officialness.

As was evident yesterday (for those of you who had the chance to spy it), the Doctor is in the old west, because bolo ties are cool. Joining him are Rory, Amy, and some kind of evil robot cowboy with some sort of glowy gun. Oh yes, and there are guns, guns, guns, and more guns. Also, there is running and it appears that Moffat and co. took full advantage of the Spanish plains and did, indeed, bring us to the Skaro wasteland — the former home world of the Daleks.

I won’t spoil, or painstakingly detail the rest because, well, I don’t have too. You can just click the link, so go ahead then and do it.

There, now wasn’t that better?

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