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Yesterday, HBO announced the return date for the Emmy Award-winning series Game of Thrones (that’s Sunday April 24 in case you missed it). Today, the talk is about the more distant future, life for Thrones beyond season six, and the talk is fairly certain that there’s still a lot of life left in this show. And why wouldn’t there be? It’s one of the most popular shows on television, it’s got a huge fan base, the adulation of TV critics, lots of awards consideration, and on top of it all, its the most pirated show on the internet. For all those reasons, and more, HBO isn’t ready to give up Game of Thrones yet. (more…)


That was quite the turbulent season on The Walking Dead. Good friends and family were lost, the remaining survivors were pushed to the breaking point, and on top of it all, the group thought they found salvation only to be confronted with very human demons within the walls of the so-called Alexandria Safe Zone. So now what? Well, it’s back to business for the highly popular zombie drama this October, as Rick and the gang face all new challenges inside Alexandria, where things are so much more complicated than merely surviving. Or is it? Unsure, but there will be some new faces on the show this season that will help find an answer. (more…)


Death is a natural part of life, but don’t tell that to fans of NBC’s Community, whose rabid support for the show went from admirable to stomach-turning overnight. When NBC announced that the sitcom wouldn’t be returning after Season Five, my Twitter feed was filled with enraged shouts, damning the network for taking away their precious baby and even (in some extreme cases) threatening boycott of all future programs belonging to the peacock. It was a filthy display of entitlement that showed how ungrateful its ‘cult’ supporters could be (the network did ignore terrible ratings and renewed the show four times over, after all).

Well, it seems that Dan Harmon, despite being courted by Hulu to bring the show to its streaming services for Season Six, shares my somewhat bleak outlook on going back to Greendale Community College. The series has survived so much at this point, maybe it’s time to just put a period at the end of its sentence. (more…)

Dan Harmon Talks ‘Community’ Season Six


It finally happened.

After five tumultuous seasons, Community was finally given the axe last Friday. After surviving disastrously low ratings, two major stars leaving, and its creator getting fired and then re-hired, the show was finally put to rest. It was a great run and fans were “outraged” (more on this in a second) that NBC would cancel the series, peppering Twitter with the now infamous #SixSeasonsAndaMovie hashtag and even threatening to boycott the network in some instances. The darkest timeline had finally arrived and it was an ugly day for avid fans and passive viewers of the show alike.

Like clockwork, talk regarding the show being picked by and continued on by another network was instantaneous. Could Netflix “save” the series, a la Arrested Development? What about Hulu or Netflix? Could it land on TBS, like Cougar Town did? Now recently rehired show-runner Dan Harmon is weighing in on the possibility of a sixth season and his words may shock the show’s rabid fan-base.


Is ‘True Blood’ in (More) Trouble?

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It must be reassuring for the producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead to see a headline about showrunner drama on a major cable series and realize that for once it’s not about their show.

But this is the case for True Blood, the popular HBO gothic soap about sexy vampires and their sexy adventures with sexy humans and other supernatural creatures. As you’ll call, show creator and executive producer Alan Ball stepped down at the end of last year, replaced by Mark Hudis. Well, The Hollywood Reporter tells us today that Hudis is stepping away from True Blood before his first season as showrunner, the series’ sixth, has even aired.

“Mark Hudis has stepped down as showrunner of True Blood to focus on development under his overall deal with the network.” said an HBO spokesperson. Hudis will continue under his two-year development deal he signed with HBO last spring.

Brian Buckner, a writer/producer who’s been with True Blood since season one, will take over for Hudis.

So why is Hudis gone? No one – with surprise sarcasm – is talking. Perhaps he couldn’t cope with the horrible mess Ball left behind in the season five finale, and I don’t just mean the massacre at vampire HQ.

True Blood season six debuts on HBO this summer.

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I must admit, when I was researching this article I was hesitant to spoil myself. And I’m really not a girl afraid of spoilers. But I’m so pumped for this week’s Doctor Who finale I was a little worried learning who will be joining River Song (Alex Kingston) at the alter would ruin it for me. Thankfully, I can say it hasn’t. In fact, like most revelations in Doctor Who, I only have more questions and am now more excited for this weekend’s episode!

That being said, the same spoiler warnings apply. If you don’t want to who River Song is marrying this weekend in “The Wedding of River Song”, STOP READING.

All right, can’t say I didn’t warn ya. (more…)

The second half of Doctor Who‘s sixth season is so close you almost taste it, sniff it, hear it. Well, you can kind of hear it, in this new clip from the Beeb. Doctor Who returns with “Let’s Kill Hitler” on August 27th, but until then you can watch this prequel clip,

Sad, isn’t it? Amy doesn’t sound like she’s lost hope, which is good, but why she and Rory aren’t with the Doctor as he searches for their daughter raises some questions. And will they find little Melody Pond? Will we learn any more from River as to Melody’s upbrining, since, y’know, they’re the same person!? Anyone else still confused on how they’re the same person? Oh, Steven Moffat, you mad genius!

In “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the TARDIS crash-lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with one of the greatest war criminals in the universe, including none other than Hitler. Time travel has responsibilities, and the Doctor teaches his companions a harsh lesson during one the cruelest wars of all time. The episode will screen first at BFI, on Friday, Aug. 26, at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, and will debut Saturday, Aug. 27, on BBC America.

source: Blastr

With only two and a half weeks to go before Doctor Who returns (August 27th, y’all), rumors are still swirling about claiming Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville will be leaving the Tardis with the season six finale. Nooo! Amy and Rory are my favoritest, most awsesome companions ever! At least until Matt Smith picks up some new travel buddies. Then they’ll be my favoritest most awesome. It’s a vicious cycle of replacement when it comes to companion loyalties.

Anyway, a “source” for the Daily Star has happened upon a bit of spoilery news about this season’s finale, click the jump for more.


This clip comes from the BBC‘s drama trailer, and  it is only the Doctor Who segment of a longer trailer showcasing all of the BBC’s great drama series. And this clip is surely dramatic, even if it’s so short. Clocking in at around sevens seconds what we can make out is Amy (Karen Gillan) sword fighting like a boss, the return of Craig (James Corden) from the season five episode, “The Lodger“, and apparently the Doctor (Matt Smith) needing to kiss him. Umm…yeah. What’s going on next season!?

For those of you having trouble making out the dialogue, “Doctor, are you going to kiss me?” “Yes, Craig. Yes I am.” How did they end up in this predicament?! Doctor Who returns in September, and it couldn’t be soon enough. Expect to be hearing more buzz come San-Diego Comic-Con, which is, oh right, this weekend!

source: TDW: Geeks

Looking for More Doctor in Your ‘Doctor Who’?

This first half of the sixth season of Doctor Who is drawing to a close. Only two more episodes to go with the two-part conlsusion ‘The Almost People‘ airing June 4th on BBC America and the mid-season cliffhanger, ‘A Good Man Goes To War‘ the weekend after that. (Unless you’re a Brit or a pirate American, then you’ve already seen ‘The Almost People.’) With months in between the two halves of this season (second half returns in September) what are fans to do to stay busy? Speculate and rumor-mongering!

And it seems we’re starting early because today we’ve got two Doctor Who spoilery rumors. The first isn’t too shocking, but it has been confirmed by big man in the Tardis, Steven Moffat, himself,

[The Daleks] aren’t going to make an appearance for a while. We thought it was about time to give them a rest… There’s a problem with the Daleks. They are the most famous of the Doctor’s adversaries and the most frequent, which means they are the most reliably defeatable enemies in the universe.

Good point, and while I love the Daleks it’ll be nice to not see the, for a bit. They were heavily used in the Russel T. Davies years, appearing in not one but two finales. I’m sure Moffat has an epic return planned for them, and for that I can’t wait.

This second little bit it too big to reveal here, so hit the jump. But I will say this, if one Doctor isn’t enough for you, well…