Many of us have seen the movie and read the Kick-Ass comic book, and we’ve heard the stories about real DIY superheroes and vigilantism, particularly in the Pacific Northwest where Phoenix Jones has taken to the streets to fight crime with varying degrees of success and controversy. Some people rave and hold these masked men (and women) up as true heroes, while others, like Det. Mark Jamieson of the Seattle PD, just want them to stop before someone gets hurt, telling ABC News: “They don’t have the training. They don’t have the authority.”

Suddenly though, and by way of the internet, we have learned of a new player in this battle for the Emerald City. Rex Velvet, a monocle wearing, mustachioed mad man with a bowler hat, a sword cane, a Space Needle dagger, and a propensity for grandiose statements and red cocktails, has made himself and his intentions known. The Emerald City has a genuine super villain too, and while he seems like he was pulled strait out of a comic book to stand against Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superhero Movement, I can attest that he is very real, and very committed. The question is, is Rex Velvet trying to do something legitimate or is he just an attention seeking clown seeking to piggyback atop the micro-fame of a group of people who are actually, and foolishly I might add, going out in the street in an effort to help people?

I spoke to Mr. Velvet this afternoon while doing my best Vicki Vale impression and we discussed his secret evil plan to stop Phoenix Jones, his love of puppies, his henchmen headcount, and the importance of letting the police do their jobs.

Here now is our exclusive interview with Rex Velvet. (more…)

Here’s some news worthy of our “WTF?” designation.

Do you want to go on a cruise? Now say that in the creepy Tobin Bell through a tape recorder voice. That’s how Carnival Cruiselines is going to promote its latest theme holiday “The Saw at Sea Cruise.” Don’t worry, nobody tortures you in death traps, you just get to hang out with your favorite Saw celebrities that Carnival could afford to get. Here’s what the company has to say about the cruise:

Let’s play a game…onboard the beautiful and luxurious Carnival Glory! If you’re a Fan of the “SAW” movies, you don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cruise with your favorite “SAW” Celebrities. This amazing (5) night cruise departs from New York City and travels to the most beautiful points in Canada (the last six “SAW” movies were filmed in Canada). Your onboard meals are included. Each cabin will also receive a $50 Carnival Credit. During this amazing cruise, you will be able to party with the “SAW” Stars and meet other fans who love “SAW” just like you! You will attend fantastic pool and dance parties, question and answer Sessions and many special events. You can also get autographs from the “SAW” stars, take FREE individual photos with the “SAW” stars, attend FREE movie screenings, and much, much more.

I like how the cruise is plugging the Canada connection even though the movies were shot in Toronto and the cruise takes you to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, which, if you know your Canadian geography, is similar to the distance between Bangor, Maine and Buffalo, NY. Besides, given recent news, does the cruise business really want to foster a greater connection between taking a cruise and dying horribly?

If you’re morbid enough to want to read more about the cruise click here and click here if you’re especially disturbed enough to sign up. You could be eating dinner with the Drill Chair Man this August!

In other waste of money news, “King of the World” James Cameron is investing some of his in an endeavor at The Museum of Flight in Seattle called “The Future of Space.” The event takes place April 24, and the Museum website describes it thusly:

A new company will be unveiling its mission to revolutionize current space exploration activities and ultimately create a better standard of living on Earth. Don’t miss your opportunity to be among the first to find out what’s next from the world’s leading commercial space pioneers and the people who will chart the future.

Or, to quote MIT’s Tech Review:

Supported by an impressive investor and advisor group, including Google’s Larry Page & Eric Schmidt, Ph.D.; film maker & explorer James Cameron; Chairman of Intentional Software Corporation and Microsoft’s former Chief Software Architect Charles Simonyi, Ph.D.; Founder of Sherpalo and Google Board of Directors founding member K. Ram Shriram; and Chairman of Hillwood and The Perot Group Ross Perot, Jr., the company will overlay two critical sectors – space exploration and natural resources – to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP. This innovative start-up will create a new industry and a new definition of ‘natural resources’.

So I guess we’re one step closer to space miners. Or at least that’s how I read “a new definition of ‘natural resources.'” Honestly, can’t human beings go anywhere without mining the place?

Source: /Film

The Ballad Of Phoenix Jones

For the past few years Phoenix Jones, the self proclaimed “Guardian of Seattle“, has had some ups and downs in the real life superhero game. Over the past week it’s been a down but he did get to pull off his own Tony Stark-esque reveal.

Facing charges for assault for trying to break up a street fight (for more and the video of the altercation, visit our friends at, Jones found himself stripped of his costume and crime fighting gear by police and facing down any superheros worst nightmare (real or otherwise), a public unmasking.


Erik Martin was just like any normal kid on the block. He liked to laugh, play and read comic books. However, what most people didn’t know is that Erik was foster child and suffered from a rare form of cancer. Like many ailing kids before him, young Erik was asked to “make a wish” by the kind people of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Erik told wish manager Jessie Elenbaas that he wanted to do things he was never been able to do: to run fast, be powerful and help people. In essence -become a superhero for a day.

So began one of the greatest Make-A-Wish moments for the Washington chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Erik created Electron Boy, a superhero who regularly saved Seattle, Washington from the forces of evil and darkness.

Wearing a handmade superhero costume -that he had helped design-, and riding in a DeLorean sports car, Erik rescued local soccer team -the Seattle Sounders- from the evil Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy.

He also saved a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) worker stuck in a bucket truck, rescued a group of people trapped on the observation deck of the Space Needle, and captured the villains, played to the hilt by Edgar Hansen and his sidekick Jake Anderson, both of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” Not bad for a kid 13 year old kid.

Erik Martin sadly succumbed to his disease. Erik died Friday at home. He was 14.

A group of independent comic-book creators inked and published a real comic book of his exploits. And the “Fans of Electron Boy” page, still active on Facebook, drew thousands of members — today, its fans number nearly 12,000. Since news has spread of Erik’s passing the Electron Boy page has quickly turned into a tribute in this young man’s courage and honor, with many kind words of love and support.

One fan left a message that said “Thank you Erik for making me remember the important things, you are an inspiration. I will my hug my kids a little bit tighter this weekend.”

You were a true hero Erik, you lit up the lives of many. You’ll will be missed! RIP, little dude.

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