This fuckin’ badass Final Fantasy VII stop motion movie took 2 months and about 10,000 pictures to make. Daaaaaamn.

According to the creator, the movie is about:

The return of Sephiroth, see how Cloud will do to fight back against Sephiroth,
main skills is green screen, effects mainly practicing fire,twist fire, color fire and more more fire.

Check it out!

Source: Dorkly


Yes that is Luigi, that is Luigi if in todays video game world you were given the option to have your playable character as a female. With games today, especially recent Bioware games (Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 1&2), gamers have the choice of what gender they want to play as. After the jump, you’ll see characters such as Lara Croft, Kratos, Link, etc. in a whole light as in a whole new gender. At least this way, some of ya’ll will now have fantasy with the female Link, I mean come on, who ┬ácan resist a sexy elf ear chick in a skirt… maybe I have a problem.