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Filming a scene expected in the opener of Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman were recently spotted on a Triumph motorcycle zooming out of the TARDIS and across the London Bridge. An onlooker was said to have heard talk of a, “anti-gravity bike” which makes this rumor of The Doctor riding the anti-gravity bike to the top of the London Shard ring true.

Anyway, the more important detail spotted on set was the return of the fez! Yes, often thought of as the 11th Doctor’s favorite headgear though rarely seen since its introduction, the fez looks to once again be in action, although this time seen being held by new companion, Clara. Check out the new photos below,

I dig The Doctor’s new coat, what do you guys think? And is the fez making a comeback?

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Yup, just another day hanging out in the TARDIS filming the second half of Doctor Who Series 7. Matt Smith and new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman have been spotted on set in Cardiff as they shot a lengthy scene for the new series. As a heads up, this post will likely contain potential SPOILERS. It’s all speculation and extrapolation of what’s been seen, but still, don’t want to hear anyone crying because they feel Doctor Who is now ruined for them.

Moving on, they’ve been filming both during the day and at night in Cardiff. Here’s a few pics from the set, courtesy of Gareth Bundy and Ryan Farrel. Check out more on Farrel’s Flickr.

In addition to the new set pics there’s been a couple videos capturing the scene as well, here’s a short clip,

And a longer video that captures the entire scene,

Here’s a transcript of the scene’s dialogue,

Doctor: I like your house!
Clara: It’s not mine — I just work there.
Doctor: Oh, yes! You look after the children, you’re a governess! Just like — Um. Just like…
Clara: Just like what?
Doctor: Just like I thought you would be … ! But this isn’t exactly a career choice, why here?
Clara: Well, my Mum died, I had no ties, no plans, so why not?
Doctor: People always have plans.
Clara: What’s your plan?
Doctor: It’s the internet. Wifi. There’s wifi everywhere around us. We are living in a wifi soup. But, imagine. If there was something in it. Something living in the wifi. Harvesting human minds, copying them, editing them. A million souls, trapped like flies in the World Wide Web, all crying out.
Clara: Isn’t that basically Twitter?
Doctor: Yes. Sentient Twitter! Hold on… (inaudible) … And you just made a joke about Twitter?!

[Something happens behind them]

Clara: Is it the wifi? Is the wifi switching the lights on?
Doctor: No, the people are switching on the lights. The wifi is switching on the people!
Doctor: You and me — in the box! Now!
Clara: What? Together? Why?
Doctor: You’ll understand once we’re inside.
Clara: I bet I will!
Doctor: [shocked] Clara! Please!
Clara: Why do you have a box anyway? What’s in there?
Doctor: Clara! … [whispers] Clara, look… behind you!

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. [Director shouts this, as The Doctor and Clara look to different areas. A shadowed man is standing in the distance.]

Clara: What are they?
Doctor: A walking base station. You saw it earlier.
Clara: I saw a little girl.
Doctor: Of course! Active camouflage! They drew an image from your subconscious and bounced it right back at you! … In the box, now!

What do you think of this scene? The guess is it comes from the first episode of the second half of Series 7, so the first episode after the Christmas special. But what I noticed is it sounds like Clara hasn’t yet been inside the TARDIS. Hmm, we know she’s in the Christmas special and that episode is set in the Victorian era, so how does Oswin– err, I mean Clara get from the past to the present without the TARDIS? Her character is quite the puzzle, isn’t she?

Also heard on set is this bit of dialogue from when The Doctor first appears at her home,

The Doctor: “Clara! Clara! Ha! It’s me. Demonked! I’m wearing sensible clothes! Can I come in?”
Clara: “Where am I? Please tell me. I don’t know where I am. Where am I? Please tell me. I don’t know where I am… [she keeps repeating]“

And the plot thickens. What are your thoughts of The Doctor’s newest companion? Do you think we’ll find out Clara and Oswin are in some way related, or is Steven Moffat just messing with us by including her in that earlier episode? And how does Clara appear in two different times without knowing how she came to the present?

Guess we’ll be waiting to find out when Doctor Who returns in the Christmas special and then continues early next year.

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The finale of this first half of Doctor Who Series 7 is looming ever closer. In only about two weeks time we’ll be saying goodbye to the Doctor’s longest staying companions (since the series restarted in 2005). These five episodes have been appropriately titled, “The Fall of The Ponds,” and ever since it was announced Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) would be leaving the show, Grand Who Poo-bah Steven Moffat has promised a heartbreaking exit.

So what do we know about what will likely be a tearful mid-season finale? In Doctor Who Magazine, releasing today, there’s an official blurb for the fifth episode, “The Angel Take Manhattan” as well as a quote from the show,


The Doctor, Amy and Rory visit modern-day New York. But the Weeping Angels are lurking here too. When one of the TARDIS crew is zapped back to 1938, Amy discovers that time can’t always be rewritten, not once it’s written in stone.


River Song: “It’s like they’ve taken over every statue in the city.”
The Doctor: “The Angels take Manhattan! Because they can. Because they’ve never had a food source like this one. The city that never sleeps”

Hmmmmmm. What’s all this then? Considering the little of Rory we see in the gallery of images, seen below, I’m wagering a guess he’s the one shot back in time. But then, where does Amy get those decidedly Harry Potter lookin’ specs? Is she lost in 1938 with only The Doctor able to see her? And what part will River play in this episode? Is she stoppin’ in only to say goodbye to dear mum and dad?

“The Angels Takes Manhattan” airs on BBC America Saturday, 9/29 at pm ET.

Looking even further into the future than an episode two weeks away, what’s the latest news on the 50th anniversary special? Well, in that same interview with the Waikato Times – y’know, the one where Matt Smith said he’d love to see Peter Jackson work on Doctor Who and Jackson was all like, I’m down – Smith revealed what’s happening for the big 5-0. Or at least he revealed there’s cool stuff he can’t tell us,

[Steven Moffat] was pitching the 50th anniversary at the end of this series and what everything was going to be about and it was a very exciting meal. No doubt he’ll come up with something brilliant because that’s the sort of man he is…

I hope that we mark it in the best way possible and lwe honour the people that have been in the show before us and we make it as grand and brilliant and inventive and as much an occasion as possible. What that is, I may have an idea, but I can’t tell you I’m afraid.

Multiple Doctors? Oh please, oh please, oh please…

Who knows? I think it’s an exciting idea. Whether it would be possible, or whether it could ever happen I just don’t know, but whatever we can do to mark that 50th anniversary will be spectacular, that much I do know.

If I have one request for the 50th it’s multiple Doctors. Just somehow, some way I want a solid, undeniable connection to all those men who travelled in TARDIS before. Is that so much to ask? Probably, but a girl can dream.

But here’s the most important quote from that interview,

Nothing’s set in stone. I imagine there will be a script knocking around about Christmas and there we will develop further and shoot it next spring.

It’s Matt Smith’s assumption the 50th Anniversary special will begin shooting next spring! That’s basically official, right? No matter what work must begin soon, 2013 will be here before we know it.

What would you like most to see in the 50th anniversary special?

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I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by this news, Neil Gaiman announced during his Hugo acceptance speech that he would be returning to Doctor Who to pen another episode. How awesome is this!?!? Very. “The Doctor’s Wife,” Gaiman’s Hugo-winning episode from Series 6, is lauded by many as one of the best episodes of Who – ever – as it explored the series’ oldest relationship, The Doctor and his TARDIS, in a way no one could have ever imagined.

Gaiman’s new Who episode is expected to air in the second half of Series 7 so we shouldn’t expect to see anything until early Spring next year. But, at the Hugo after party Gaiman revealed that “The Doctor’s Wife” was initially intended to air in Series 5 but was pushed to Series 6 for budgetary reasons. Hopefully that won’t happen again but he did hint this new episode was also pretty expensive, so who knows.

Heres’ hoping we’ll see Gaiman’s episode next year as opposed to whenever Who returns for Series 8.

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We are really, really, REALLY close to the Series 7 premiere of Doctor Who. The anticipation is killing me! Honestly, it’s agonizing. Then again maybe it was that suspicious smelling sandwich I ate for lunch. Anyway, we’ve already seen the darn nifty poster for “Asylum of the Daleks” that’s been floating around some time. Y’know the one, with The Doctor, Amy, and Rory’s reflection in a Dalek’s eyestalk.

Yeah, that one.

Now in addition to that poster there’s one for every episode of the first half of Series 7. Some are silly, like “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” but really what else would expect? Others are terribly ominous like the poster for “The Angels Take Manhattan.” And then there is one I just can’t figure out what it means, “The Power of Three.” What the hell could it mean!?

Check out the new posters below and feel free to weigh with crazy speculation about they could mean.

Which episode are you most excited for?

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I don’t remember there ever being so much hub-bub being made over a TV show’s premiere date than I have about the premiere of the upcoming season of Doctor Who. All summer we were in rapt anticipation for when the Series 7 air date would be announced, knowing it was set to premiere in the fall.

A week ago we uncovered what looked like almost proof positive The Doctor, the Ponds, and the TARDIS would return on September 1st. Then yesterday BBC America released a video teasing the return of Who with the date September 8th stamped on it. NOW, while perusing BBC America’s website I saw this:

WTF?!? Did you not just tell us yesterday it’d be the 8th! AGH! Decide already.

But it seems this is the official air date as it is not only airing the same day on BBC1 but it’s been confirmed by this press release on BBC America’s website. So go and change your calenders again, because I know, like me, you schedule your life around when this TV show airs.

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 and BBC America on September 1st, airing in the U.S. at 9pm ET. At least until tomorrow, when we learn Doctor Who actually returned last Saturday and we all missed it. It’s time travel, they can do that.

Also, here’s a new premiere trailer with the corrected date. No clue what we were watching yesterday. A clever fan-edit?

UPDATE: BBC America has confirmed an official premiere date as Sept. 1st at 9pm ET. Because they’re sick, twisted folks who like to play mind games.

You’ve all wondered, now you know. The premiere date for Doctor Who season 7 is… mentioned in the following video:

So there you have it! “Asylum of the Daleks” will air on BBC America on September 8th, officially kicking off the seventh season of the series and Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary celebration. Undoubtedly, the show will premiere on the same day, or around then, on both Space in Canada and the BBC in the U.K.

Who’s looking forward to the new adventures in the TARDIS?

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With the premiere of Doctor Who Series 7 less than two weeks away we’re heading into Who overdrive! The Beeb isn’t stopping their promotional storm either, today releasing a 20 second clip from the beginning of “Asylum of the Daleks.” Check it out,

SAVE THE DALEKS! Huh, think that’s a plea The Doctor (Matt Smith) will agree to? Remember that scene from the official trailer where he’s carrying Amy (Karen Gillan) and is surrounded by dead Daleks? Yeah…don’t think he’s gonna save them.

But then again, The Doctor usually isn’t that cruel and it’s likely after a long period of inner turmoil, he’ll make a last ditch effort to help. And did anyone else have the thought that when Rory (Arthur Darvill) asks, “Who killed all the Daleks?” and the Doctor responds, “Who do you think?”, that just maybe it was Amy?

All right, maybe not because those are some pretty obvious WHO clues in that exchange, but it was a thought. And that’s all I’ve got to do until the new series airs! AHH! September 1st needs to be now!

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We all know that Amy and Rory Pond, The Doctor’s faithful companions these last few years, are taking their curtain call in the seventh series of Doctor Who this fall, but it seems that showrunner Steven Moffat is changing the details of Amy and Rory’s last ride in the TARDIS in the season’s fifth episode.

Already understood to be a “heartbreaking” finale, Moffat told Digital Spy that he had a second thought as to how it was heartbreaking while writing it. “I completely changed the ending as I was writing it, thinking ‘No, I’ve got it wrong… I’m on the wrong emphasis’ – but it’s a good one and it’s properly emotional,” he said.

But how did the actors feel about it?

“I instantly phoned Matt [when I read the episode] and I was crying and laughing hysterically,” said Amy Pond portrayer Karen Gillan, “because it’s so good!”

Arthur Darvill, AKA: Rory Williams-Pond, added, ”It was like getting the last chapter of the best book you’ve ever read and being really surprised by the ending… and really satisfied. It was pretty emotional.”

As for The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, he says, ”I was very moved, very moved indeed, because not only is it two characters that I love, it’s two actors that I love working with. To see them go – and I think go so beautifully… it’s moving.”

Anxious Who fans can’t wait to see how moving. Or maybe we can…

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Yesterday was the premiere of Doctor Who‘s Series 7 opener, “Asylum of the Daleks.” What? You didn’t see it? Yeah, neither did we. The episode premiered at a special BFI screening and was attended only by British press and other notables, like former companion Perpugilliam Brown (Nicola Bryant) who crossed time streams with Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). Multi-companion episode for the 50th? I’m in.

Since last night was the official premiere of “Asylum of the Daleks” the very first reviews are appearing online. Doctor Who TV have an early review if you’re interested, and while it doesn’t contain, “any large plot twists,” as writer Benjamin Tavener puts it, it’s not recommended for “spoilerphobes.” The overall consensus? It’s EX-CEL-LENT.

In addition to premiering the episode the Beeb has also released a bunch of new photos, revealed the titles for the two remaining unknown episodes, as well as synopses for the first three episodes – provided here courtesy of DWTV. First, the pictures,

The newly revealed titles are: Episode 4 “The Power of Three” and Episode 5 “The Angels Take Manhattan. Obviously, Episode 5 is what they were filming in NYC, so expect gratuitous shots of the gang in Central Park and running through the streets of the Big Apple. And the synopses for the first three episodes,

Episode 1: Asylum Of The Daleks – Kidnapped by his oldest foe, the Doctor is forced on an impossible mission – to a place even the Daleks are too terrified to enter… the Asylum. A planetary prison confining the most terrifying and insane of their kind, the Doctor and the Ponds must find an escape route. But with Amy and Rory’s relationship in meltdown, and an army of mad Daleks closing in, it is up to the Doctor to save their lives, as well as the Pond’s marriage.

Episode 2: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – An unmanned spaceship hurtles towards certain destruction – unless the Doctor can save it, and its impossible cargo… of dinosaurs! By his side a ragtag gang of adventurers; a big game hunter, an Egyptian Queen and a surprised member of the Pond family. But little does the Doctor know there is someone else on board who will stop at nothing to keep hold of his precious, prehistoric cargo.

Episode 3: A Town Called Mercy – The Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun!), and finds himself the reluctant Sheriff of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg, who goes by the name of the Gunslinger. But who is he and what does he want? The answer seems to lie with the mysterious, Kahler-Jex, an alien doctor (yes another one!) whose initial appearance is hiding a dark secret.

Who isn’t excited for “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”? I don’t believe you. It’s about DINOSAURS on a SPACESHIP. I can only imagine it’ll be fantastic, and likely a good comedic follow-up to what will surely be an intense season opener.

There’s been talk of a new opening title sequence this season and it appears it won’t only be for the season, but every episode is getting an altered opening! Bleeding Cool is reporting the “Asylum” opening title features, “the same font, it’s black with silver studs, looking all Dalek-y.” And since the tittle sequence is “regenerating “every episode expect “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” to have the logo covered in scales and so on. What do you think? Neat addition or silly change?

Lastly, BBC has reprinted a few interivews from the BFI screening with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Gillan, and Darvill. DWTV has the complete texts, but here’s a few choice quotes I’ved pulled out,

So it is back with a bang and with Daleks from every decade. Why did you decide to kick-off the new series with a Dalek filled episode?

[Moffat] We’ve been off the air for longer than usual, so it was an easy decision to come back with Doctor Who at its most iconic and that means Daleks. Lots and lots of scary Daleks.

There have been many monsters to face the Doctor over the years, but only one that can sum up the whole series just by being there.

Also, it’s my first go at writing for them. I LOVE the Daleks, and I’ve held off till now. But I had what I thought was a good idea, and couldn’t resist any longer!!

What are you going to miss most about the characters and Karen and Arthur?

[Moffat] Amy and Rory have been with the Doctor since I took over show, they’re part of the landscape for me. It was just traumatic to consider a future without them. Amy is everything I admired (and sometimes feared) about strong, clever, reckless women, and Rory is the man I’d like to be – so strong he never has to show it.

Karen and Arthur have become friends, and I still can’t get my head round the fact that I’ll never find them on the set again. Brilliant performers and warm and lovely people – the best of the best.

With Asylum Of The Daleks featuring Daleks from all of the decades, does Matt have any favourites?

[Smith] Absolutely! The blue and white ones from the 1960s, I think they are from the Troughton era… they are just kind of groovy, smaller but fantastic. And the lovely Barnaby (Edwards) who operates them. The day we filmed with all of those Daleks there was such an excitable atmosphere on set from cast and crew alike. It was a brilliant few days at work!

The second episode sees viewers taken on an incredible prehistoric adventure with the unusually titled Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, so what did Matt think when he first heard those four words?

[Smith] Steven, you are a genius! It’s Doctor Who in a nutshell. I have always wanted to do a dinosaur episode, he continues, so I was very pleased to get the chance. And the Director Saul (Metzstein) has done a fantastic job, with David Bradley playing a cracking villain. I think it is such a fun episode with a wonderfully crafted script by Chris Chibnall.

While the majority of the filming was done in the home of Doctor Who, Cardiff, the cast and crew found themselves in the perfect spaghetti western location of Almeria, Spain, giving Toby Whithouse’s episode 3, A Town Called Mercy, a truly authentic western feel.

[Gillan] So much fun, claims Karen, using a location that had actually been the set for other westerns made everything feel so much, well, realer. In the episode Amy Pond gets her hand on a gun, something Karen agrees that she really shouldn’t be let anywhere near. Definitely, Amy Pond should be nowhere near a gun, exclaims Karen. I remember for a previous episode I had to fire a gun with blanks, followed quickly by Rory shouting ARGHHH as though I had hit him. I completely forgot this when action was called, so when I fired and he shouted I really thought I had shot him! It was awful! In this episode when she gets hold of a gun you can see the fear on the faces of the other characters, but they weren’t acting, I genuinely think all of the actors including Matt and Arthur were in fear for their lives!

So what does Arthur think about his exit?

[Darvill] Just brilliant, he exclaims, I was really happy to go out in an episode with the Weeping Angels. They are a relatively new monster, but Steven immediately made them a classic. I think they are one of the scariest villains within Doctor Who and episode 5 is very creepy, he hints.

Whew! This is a lot of Who news, I know. And I’m only expecting more in the coming days as we near closer and closer to the BBC/BBC America premiere of Series 7. The official air date is still, baffling-ly, unannounced but most Whovians are estimating either August 25th or September 1st. Until we get that official word, what are you most excited for in Series 7?