It’s had a history of off-and-on progress almost as long as the rewriting for Ghostbusters 3, but thankfully the Mad Max franchise has never had to deal with Bill Murray. Finally, after 27 years of hold ups, as well as various writer and cast changes, George Miller has delivered us to the “Tomorrow-morrow Land” we’ve all been waiting for.

Get those shotgun shells saved up everyone, Mad Max: Fury Road has finally started shooting!

First shots from the set have been leaked for this new film.  Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy is taking over the role synonymous with Mel Gibson. Co-starring alongside Hardy will be fellow Prometheus star Charlize Theron.  This prequel to the Mad Max franchise will reportedly have Max protecting a group of women known as the “Five Wives” when a group of wasteland baddies tries to take down their caravan.

Check out the images below.

These images not only give us a little insight to the scale of the vehicles being used, like that tough-looking, black, gas-truck rig, but also some close-ups of several actresses in the cab of a vehicle. Could these ladies be the fabled “Five Wives?”  Special thanks to Newscom for the close up shots, but other than that we have little to go on. We can’t wait to see what Tom is going to look like dressed as the former Main Force Patrol officer.

Here’s a theory though – even if this is called a “prequel” in the eyes of producers and the studio, could this film be an event that bridges the gap between Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior or the first in a possible prequel trilogy? Maybe, but as we said only a theory. What about you guys, any ideas as to just where this will take place?

Source: Blastr

If you’ve got’ money burning a hole in your pocket’ and have bought everything Hunger Games related then get ready to crack open that piggie bank. One piece of the film still off limits for purchase would give whoever owned it, a bit of extra leeway on how committed their fandom is.The entire area of Henry River Mill Village, shooting location for the fictional District 12, is up for sale at a mere 1.4 million dollars! What a deal!

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, the small 72 acre villiage located about 70 miles outside of Asheville, North Carolina and near the town of Hildebran at mile marker 119 off Interstate 40, is for sale. Wade Sheperd, the 83-year-old owner of the property, has decided to cash in on Hunger-mania after recieving what he has called “too many visitors” since the film hit theaters last month. Sure, a sea of insane adolecent girls- and their just as crazy mothers- running around he property, who wouldn’t want to give that up.

Still interested? Check out this YouTube video giving a short history of Henry River Mill Village:

Honestly, you’d be a fool not to purchase this property, especially with shooting to continue soon at  ‘District 12’ for the upcoming sequels.  So with Lionsgate will naturally want to return and shoot there for Catching Fire and Mockingjay, why not make make a couple of bucks off your investment and turn the area into a Hunger Games theme park, genuis!

Source: /Film

Does Zack Snyder have the moxie to make a Superman movie worth a damn? We wont know until the flick is signed, sealed and delivered, but whether the Internet likes it or not, he’s on the right track. Production is well under way and there’s virtually nothing for anyone to complain about. Er… OK, the lack of red undies on Supe’s suit was a Superclusterfuck. But that’s it! Brilliant choices in casting; Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Amy Adams as intrepid reporter Lois Lane,  Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Ma and Pa Kent, Micheal Shannon as General Zod.  Beyond that, I think the set photos, especially the ones released today, speak volumes to the non-stop wise decisions Snyder has made. It’s all adding up to mean the promise of a successful, cinematic reboot.

So…as mentioned earlier we have a new batch of set photos to gander at. Good ones too.

For starters, we have a few pics of Michael Shannon with a production assistants head up his ass (as seen above), whilst wearing a black, Superman style, Kryptonian suit. If the suit wasn’t menacing enough, check out Michael rocking the Zod style chin beard, it screams villain.