Seth Grahme-Smith


The Internet can be a minefield of misinformation, from simple mistakes to the intentional stirring up trouble type. Another form that has been developing lately is the chain effect. Where one page reports something as a rumor or some whispers heard and another site picks that up, and then another, as the rumor is diluted until some sites start reporting those rumors as confirmed facts. Over the weekend one such story hit the Internet, that included both, a confirmed fact (Flash director Seth Grahame-Smith had left the production due to creative differences) and some whispered rumors that many took as fact, that James Wan was, “feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about Aquaman,”  which many turned into Wan’s exit from the movie. Now Wan has taken to Twitter to clear the whole thing up, and ask the Internet to lay off the guy who started the whole thing. (more…)


While he may only “work in black and sometimes very, very dark grey,” the powers that be over at Warner Bros. want to capitalize on the Lego Batman’s incredible popularity in the LEGO Movie. Everyone loved that crazy guy, and not in the gritty, dark as all get out Batman we’ve known in comics and the big screen. It was more like Adam West and Christian Bale had a love child that sounded a hell of a lot like Will Arnett. Wanna know more details? (more…)

Will Dan Harmon do to Chevy Chase what American audiences largely did from the early 90s until the start of Community in 2009 and go running and screaming from the funnyman/ego mountain? That’s what we’re all wondering, but now we may have some idea where Harmon could be running too.

Rick and Morty, a half hour animated show from Harmon and Justin Rolland about “A genius inventor grandfather and his less than genius grandson” is among the pile of pilots over at Adult Swim. The show is joined on the list by five other animated shows: Harold and Kumar (that’s right), a 15 minute toon about a crazy fried chicken baron and his family called Colonel Wallace, Seth Grahame-Smith’s Rolling with Dad, King Star King, which is being described as a modern day He-Man, and Coffin Dodgers, which is all about wild elderly folk living it up in an old age home.

There are also two live action pilots: Freestyle Love Supreme about rapping IT workers and Green Bench: The American Dream, which is a decidedly different workplace comedy from the net sketch group Green Bench. In the show, according to the press release:

A group of friends have pooled their money to buy a large office space for their business. The only problem is they haven’t quite figured out what that business is. In the meantime, it’s an awesome headquarters where their petty, self-centered, and mischievous minds can wander.

Sort of sounds like the best parts of Knocked Up with Seth Rogen, Martin Starr, Jason Segel, and Jonah Hill getting high, drinking, and goofing off while “working” on their porn site, if you ask me.


One of the early surprises out of WonderCon this weekend was the panel for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  The panel was moderated by Seth Grahme-Smith the screenwriter of the film and author of the book.  Joining Seth were the director Timur Bekambetov and main star Benjamin Walker (Abe Lincoln). 

They did a good Q and A for all fans in attendance at this panel.  Seth stated how he wanted to keep Lincoln’s life as close as reality as possible.  Or as close as you can while he hunts vampires in the night. This films hits theaters this summer on June 22, 2012.

This NerdBastard always gets goosebumps when that Johnny Cash song plays.