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They are two best friends, Firefly alum, and probably the only two guys that can get both nerdy boys and girls to drop their underoos with burning man desire. They are Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. These two well known stars of TV and film have been around the Convention circuit offering their stories, egos, and devilishly handsome looks to elated fans. Now they’re now using their experience with cons to transform the weird and wonderful world of conventions into a web series. It’s called Con Man and will be written, directed and star Tudyk with Fillion co-starring as well as producing.

The series focuses on the actors’ experiences after their show’s cancellation, as they make their way into the convention circuit. As Tudyk explains in the video below, outsiders often think that science fiction fans are the weirdest part about a convention when, in truth, the strangest characters can be found behind the scenes.

Already they have their Firefly cast members Sean Maher and Gina Torres along for the ride as well as James Gunn, Seth Green, Felicia Day and Amy Acker, just to start. (more…)

Seth Green is NOT a Fan of the Batfleck


Fans are divided on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman. For the most part everyone falls in one of two camps: it’s either inspired and unexpected casting, or a terrible, awful choice with the potential to jeopardize the entire Warner Bros./DC franchise. And Seth Green, notable fanboy and creator Robot Chicken, where does he fall? Decidedly in that second camp. (more…)


Remember, Star Wars: Detours? It was announced at the Star Wars Celebration in 2012 with a debut trailer, followed by three clips showcasing the series’ hilariously funny though kid friendly spin on the Star Wars universe. I mention it’s kid friendly because the show comes from Robot Chicken creators, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, who you already know are spectacular at lampooning not only Star Wars, but almost every aspect of nerdy media, though not necessarily in a G or even PG-rated way.

Since then there’s been barely a word about it. When The Clone Wars was axed I recall a brief mention of Detours, but otherwise, nada. And a lot has changed for that galaxy far, far away, what with Disney buying out Lucasfilm and effectively taking control of the entire franchise’s future. With Clone Wars gone they began work on their own animated adventure series, Star Wars Rebels. But what happened to Detours?

Well, Green confirmed in a recent Reddit AMA they have plenty of finished and ready to go episodes, they’re just waiting for the word,


The search for a director for Star Wars VII is going to have to continue as J.J. Abrams clarifies his refusal to sit in the Star Wars VII directorial chair. Empire Magazine recently sat down with Abrams:

“I guess the franchises could go up against each other, but I’m not thinking that far ahead! I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi, and the idea of the world continuing is exciting and will be amazing. Kathy Kennedy is a friend and there are no smarter producers. It’s in great hands.”

“There were the very early conversations and I quickly said that because of my loyalty to Star Trek, and also just being a fan, I wouldn’t even want to be involved in the next version of those things. I declined any involvement very early on. I’d rather be in the audience not knowing what was coming, rather than being involved in the minutiae of making them.”

The list of potential directors keeps getting smaller and smaller as some of the hottest directors in Hollywood step back from the Star Wars franchise. Are we going to end up with a first time director at the helm of one of the biggest Sci-Fi franchises of all time?

I’m wondering if we might be better with someone like Seth Green, or Topher Grace in the director’s chair. Grace recently re-cut the Star Wars Prequels and although it was not shown in public, I’m sure that someone in the Lucas Arts management team must have seen it by now.

What do you think? Who is your choice to take over the directorial reins?


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First Three Clips From ‘Star Wars Detours’

Last week at Star Wars Celebration VI the first trailer for Seth Green and Matthew Senreich‘s new series, Star Wars Detours was shared. It proved to not only look hilarious, but be steeped in Star Wars lore with jokes from matte paintings to “It’s a trap!” to ghost Jedi.

Here’s its short synopsis,

Star Wars Detours is an animated comedy that explores what daily life is like in a galaxy far, far away. There are no Empires striking back or attacking clones here. Instead, Star Wars Detours focuses on the universe’s regular folks and their everyday problems… which, to be fair, do frequently involve famous bounty hunters, crazed Ewoks, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Welcome to Star Wars: Detours: the other side of the stars, between the wars.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for Detours to air. It’s expected to happen sometime in 2013, and it’ll likely be on Cartoon Network. In the meantime, here’s three new clips,

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Having been kept in the dark about what the secret Star Wars show Seth Green and Matthew Senreich have been secretly working on we’ve finally got a trailer! Premiering at Star Wars Celebration VI it’s the first trailer for Star Wars Detours, their animated, comedic spin on the Star Wars universe for Cartoon Network. Note, it’s Cartoon Network not [adult swim] which means the comedy will be far more family friendly, but it’s no less hilarious. Check it out,

Okay, I laughed my ass off more than few times during this trailer, so I’m pumped for it to hit the airwaves. Plus, how cool is it many of the voices from Robot Chicken, like the Emperor (Seth MacFarlane) and Boba Fett (Breckin Meyer), are being used in this show? Also joining the cast as regulars are Joel McHale, Donald Faison, and Jennifer Hale.

Now we wait for an official premiere date, oh how I hope it’s this fall!

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Seth Green, Mathew Senreich and the rest of the Robot Chicken family are putting their old Super Powers toys to good use — the Emmy Award-winning show is returning for it’s sixth season and it’s kicking things off in a big way with The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, which premiers September 9th at midnight.

On the special — which is co-produced by Geoff Johns and made in co-operation with DC Comics — Green (who will voice Batman, Robin, and Aquaman) teams up with a group of his super friends to do to the DCU what they previously did with Star Wars in the Annie Award winning RC/Star Wars mash-up trilogy. Who are these super friends? Neil Patrick Harris (Two Face), Alfred Molina (Lex Luthor), Breckin Meyer (Superman), Megan Fox (Lois Lane), and the People’s Green Lantern (aka Nathan Fillion) as, well, the Green Lantern. Alex Borstein, Zeb WellsAbe Benrubi, Clare Grant, Tara Strong, Senreich, Tom Root, and Kevin Shinick will also provide voices, with Shinick serving as both a co-producer and the narrator. Seth Green will direct the episode.

Do you demand more information? In addition to revealing the cast list and the release date for the eagerly anticipated dip into DC lore, Adult Swim also announced some of the other guest stars who will be a part of season six and this list is both long and diverse:

Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Chalke, Kat Dennings, Sam Elliott, Ben Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, Lucas Grabeel, Megan Hilty, Gillian Jacobs, Robert Kirkman, Zachary Levi, J.B. Smoove, Liev Schreiber, Jon Stewart, Patrick Stewart, Stanley Tucci, Olivia Wilde, and Alex Winter.

Again, season six of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken premiers on September 9th at midnight with The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, so watch it or we are so goona make fun of you. Still need more convincing? Check out the official trailer for the special and marvel at the cornucopia of DC heroes that will be in this thing. Besides, this is the closest thing you’re goona get to a Justice League movie for a long, long time.

It’s Bath Time For Chewie And “Go Time!” For Mr. Happy

Those fucked up nerds struck again.

Seth Green along with his wife Clare Grant and her friend Rileah Vanderbilt had a threesome made a sequel to their first hawt Star Wars video of the chicks having a cat fight.  With light sabers.  This new flick also features light sabers and a lot of Dark Side/Light Side rivalry in the best way possible.


Check it out below. It starts off like a your average porn flick with some hot chicks in a bath tub with some wet shirts, phallic objects and nice tits… And escalates to some epic ‘gasms for nerdfolk all around.

… And don’t forget to laugh at the nerds in the comments who were expecting some Chewie pr0nz.

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Robot Chicken is taking on DC Comics biggest heroes with some of Hollywood’s biggest, Nerd favorite stars.

Following in the footsteps of the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials, the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special will take a close, stop-motion look at our favorites, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the DC Comics universe.

Yeah, yeah . . . you too Aquaman . . .

To voice these heroes Robot Chicken has pulled out all the stops with Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green as Batman, Robin and Aquaman; Paul Reubens as The Riddler; Neil Patrick Harris as Two-Face; Alfred Molina as Lex Luthor; Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern; Megan Fox as Lois Lane; and Breckin Meyer as Superman.

”Having been raised on DC Comics and the Super Friends vs. Legion of Doom, it’s exciting to tell a whole Robot Chicken story within this awesome universe,” Green said.

Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich:

“We’ve been working with (DC Entertainment chief creative officer) Geoff Johns for over 15 years, so playing together on this special only made it more fun to work in the worlds we all love so dearly.”

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros Animation worked out the details and later this year we’ll all get the chance to enjoy this Robot Chicken project.