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I never saw the horror film ‘Mama’ but now that I know Jamie Lannister’s in it, I may just have to check it out asap. That’s my guy, in all his sick and twisted sister-loving douchery. It’s about a couple taking in the husband’s young nieces who’d just spent the last 5 years living alone in a forest. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, I expect that film to be bonkers because that guy’s a crazy man. When I watched the trailer, the first thing I thought was “dude, I feel like I’m playing ‘Silent Hill’ with these claustrophobic hallways!” And then it dawned on me that director Andy Muschietti would do serious justice to a survival horror video game movie. Sony Pictures has similar ideas for the writer/director – just not all that similar. (more…)

Breaking news from Development Hell, but it seems that we have a new writer onboard the adaptation of the Shadow of the Colossus video game. The screenwriter hired is Seth Lochhead, the man who wrote the spy thriller Hanna, and has since been hired on projects like Michael Bay’s The Governess the sci-fi novel adaptation The Age of Miracles.

But really, all we know about his capability is Hanna, which was a good movie, but not exactly a warm-up for something that will surely be effects heavy and epic like Shadow.

Anyway, here’s the synopsis:

The protagonist is a young man who thinks his lover has died. Desperate to bring her back, he heads into a forbidden land, and summons a demon who can wake the dead. The price for bringing back his girl: slay 16 colossi that dominate this mystical place. These are skyscraper-sized giants that rise from the ground, fly through the air and come from the water. As the young man works through his quest on horseback, he begins to wonder if he is on a noble pursuit to bring back his lover, or perhaps has made a deal with the devil and is being used. Trank has been a fan of the game since it launched in 2005, and sought out the job.

Lochhead will be picking up the baton dropped by Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li), who was hired to write the film back in 2009. The film is expected to be directed by Chronicle director Josh Trank (either before or after Fantastic Four), and obviously Sony wants to get the cameras rolling on this sometime soon.

More news as it develops.

Source: Geek Tyrant