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They say that the laughter of a child is the world’s greatest sound so Jeremy and Jason finally sent out an invite to perpetual bratty teenager AJ Wiley and his legal guardian/handler/pimp Paul Smith from the Gobbledygeek Podcast and they suspiciously accepted. Come for the dinosaur donkey punch, stay for the inhumane sleep deprivation and madness cackles because we recorded for 7 hours till the crack of dawn and this is the best 75 minutes of it. On the show we… (more…)


Oh SNL and your topical humor.  Nothing escapes being made fun in your clutches.    So it is no wonder that they recently poked fun at the new Spiderman musical, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. This musical with an outrageous budget, a plethora of pre-production mishaps and music from Bono and The Edge it’s pretty easy for the show to poke fun at.

Seth Meyer’s did a mock interview in his new segment sketch, Weekend Update.  Andy Samberg plays the fourth under study of the cast who is now playing lead dues to the injuries received by the previous three spideys’ in the interview with Seth delving great lines like,

“You know how many people die each year doing Jersey Boys?!”

Samberg also delivers another hilarious moment when he request an upside down kiss from Seth.

Despite all the bad mojo surrounding the show can it still possibly be good?  Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark opens January 11th but you can catch showings now.  Who knows, maybe you’ll “flip over it”?!  Check out the sketch here!

Source: Blastr

SNL keeps shit ironed down. Topically, this video is pretty funny. I had just walked out from having seen “It’s Complicated” and was speaking about how Meryl Streep has been nominated for like 17 Oscars, and I think that every year, no matter what she does, she gets nominated. Not that its undeserved.. I’m speaking ironically of course, Streep normally puts something Oscar worthy out each year…But I was mentioning how she could do a commercial for Douche, and be nominated…Which is funny in 2 ways, 1)They did a sketch on Douche. And 2) The sketch with Streep was similar in context.

I believe the girl playing her was Abby Elliot, daughter of Chris Elliot. She does a wonderful impression vocally and with her mannerisms..However she looks like Streep in Deer Hunter..TOO young. Check it.

Also, there was a great SNL Digital Short, with a cool cameo with James Cameron, and host Sigourney Weaver. Laser Cats 5.