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Comic-Con has come (verified) and gone and now we’re left with stories about Nic Cage in space, Hellboy screwfests, redheaded sith lords, Ryan Reynolds and the best CGI costume that he has ever worn (we’re talking about the Deadpool footage, not Green Lantern. Promise), our #LounginWithLoggins initiative, a trip to the stars with Batmanaughey and more things, like: (more…)

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This week on Earth-96’s favorite podcast: Jeremy and Jason try to decipher what NASA is hiding with their latest discovery, wonder if the rise of the illiterates sunk SyFy‘s battleship, and examine Marvel Now! (Thats their exclamation point, not ours.)

After that (and before it in some cases, this is hardly chronological, baby) the fellows dismiss Glee‘s geek grab, ponder when the Star Wars rumor mill will spin off it’s axis and crush us all, and mourn the death of Dirty Jobs.

Also, with hockey on ice (clever!) many kindly Canadians are rushing out to buy things that they can put into themselves and their special ladies — we talk about the rise in sex toy purchases up north, Jeremy reveals his strongly held views on armless hump balls, and Jason reveals a very special story about his… well you’ll just have to listen won’t you?

Still craving more giblets? How about this week’s VERSUS where Jason and Jeremy tussle over who would win in a stand-off for the world’s last Cabage Patch Dolls — BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPERS VS. AN ORK HOARD!

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Spider-Man Vs…the Vibrator?

spiderman67_1Here is what may just possibly be the best scene from the 60s Spider-Man cartoon. It’s a bit from episode 39, “To Cage a Spider.” A couple of crooks have to find a way to shake Spider-Man off their trail.

What I want to know is what the hell they had in their car that made this the most logical thing to throw at him. And no, I didn’t doctor this clip at all. Just check it out.

Dude, that's not a good hiding place for Big Red...

Dude, that's not a good hiding place for Big Red...

I know, right? Even back then, I’m pretty sure they knew how that could be taken. I just found this coincidental; “Peter Parker” sounds like it could be a euphemism for a marital aid.

Just sayin’.

Nothing satisfies a curmudgeonly nerd’s immature sense of humor quite as much as seeing unintended perversity in stuff they watched as kids. It’s like seeing Archie talk about having to beat off a bunch of guys or something.

Also, Spider-Man has a foe called The Shocker. Add your own joke here.

(via GorillaMask)