shadow of the colossus


I never saw the horror film ‘Mama’ but now that I know Jamie Lannister’s in it, I may just have to check it out asap. That’s my guy, in all his sick and twisted sister-loving douchery. It’s about a couple taking in the husband’s young nieces who’d just spent the last 5 years living alone in a forest. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, I expect that film to be bonkers because that guy’s a crazy man. When I watched the trailer, the first thing I thought was “dude, I feel like I’m playing ‘Silent Hill’ with these claustrophobic hallways!” And then it dawned on me that director Andy Muschietti would do serious justice to a survival horror video game movie. Sony Pictures has similar ideas for the writer/director – just not all that similar. (more…)

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Reboots and video game films – they seem to be all Hollywood has the energy to produce anymore.  While reboots are hit-or-miss, video game flicks have a serious reputation for being some of the worst films ever made.  Movie companies try desperately to capture the often compelling storylines by compacting them into 2 hours of marketable visuals and this tends to be nothing but fail.  Next on the list of video game ‘maybe-sucks’ is Sony PS2’s Shadow of the Colossus.

Recent news heralds Josh Trank as taking the director’s chair for this one.  For those that have seen the edgy super-hero flick Chronicle, that’s Trank.  He also seems to be possibly attached to future productions of Venom and a Fantastic Four reboot (one franchise that sorely needs it).

If you haven’t played the old Shadow of the Colossus game, rest assured that visually it would be a very striking film.  SotC is about a guy that has to go around killing 16 big-ass monsters as part of a pact with a disembodied voice that promises to bring his old lady back from the dead.  Personally, I could never get hang of the controls, but watching my roommate blow through the game was truly epic.  If Trank could manage to capture even a fraction of the intensity that SotC brought, we might have a fun film on our hands.

So, my reading audience: Shadow of the Colossus – yea or nay?   Think they could even get a plot to go with the action that wouldn’t leave viewers in pain?


Thanks to comingsoon for the heads-up on this one.