shannara chronicles


Picking up right where the first two episodes (or the first-episode two-parter, depending on how you want to look at it) left off, “Fury” is an odd dichotomy – it gives the viewer a sense that a lot is happening, when in reality, there is very little on-screen that’s actually going on.  Perhaps it’s the advance knowledge that this version of Shannara will be a 10-episode miniseries; since we’ll be roughly a third of the way through the series at the conclusion of this episode, there’s no time to waste, right?  So why does this episode have the feel of a “throwaway” when compared to how much “important big-picture-plot-stuff” happened last time?


For fans of The Shannara Chronicles book series, the long wait is finally over.  What began in 1977 as an epic tale of a fantasy world arising from the ost-apocalyptic ashes of our current one, Shannara has been in development in Hollywood for almost as long; bouncing between movie studios and various production houses, no one could seem to get the timing just right to produce a tale based on author Terry Brooks’ fantastical world.  MTV has finally managed to make it happen, though, and has produced a 10-episode season based on the second book in the series, “The Elfstones of Shannara.”  While aimed at a more “young adult” type of audience (it is MTV, after all), this is by no means considered a “kids” show; all ages should be able to watch and enjoy. (more…)