There may still be hope for MTV‘s new fantasy series Shannara after all. As the casting of the series continues, fan favorite Manu Bennett has joined the cast in a pivotal role. He’s been on our nerdy radar since he first popped up in Xena, Warrior Princess as Marc Anthony. Since that role he’s been a gladiator, a fearsome Tolkien albino troll, and a chemically enhanced berserker that hates a particular favorite Bowman of ours. What fantasy role will he playing this time? (more…)


‘Shannara’ is a series of fantasy novels by author Terry Brooks. It began in 1977 and is still powering on with the latest entry ‘Witch Wraith’ just out last year. It’s a tale of the marriage between science and magic long after Earth’s destruction via nuclear holocaust. ‘Iron Man’s’ Jon Favreau sought to adapt the books into a project for TV, and then we didn’t hear anything about it for awhile. Now we have our first casting announcement with Poppy Drayton adopting the role of an Elvin princess. It’s an ambitious undertaking with ten books ordered, all to be produced by MTV. (more…)


Most of you out there probably know the name of Jon Favreau.  He did, after all, direct the first two Iron Man flicks.  Pretty much all of you have heard of that television station known as MTV – you know, the one that used to play music videos but now relegates itself to pretty much nothing but reality TV and booty-bash beach shows.  Some of you have probably even heard of Terry Brooks and are familiar with his Shannara Trilogy.  But what do all of these things have in common? (more…)