shared universe


Transformers might be “robots in disguise” to the average person, but to the consumer, there ain’t no disguising the avalanche of robotic projects coming our way.  Falling in with the likes of Marvel, DC, and the Star Wars franchise, the folks behind Transformers are creating a “shared universe,” and it sounds like pretty much anything contained within the canon of the Autobots and Decepticons is fair game.  Are you ready for a Bumblebee solo film?  How about a story of robotic lives and love set on pre-war Cybertron?  Can you handle the heart-palpitating excitement of a story focused on Cosmos (you remember Cosmos from the original cartoon series, right – the robot alien who decided to come to Earth inconspicuously disguised as… a UFO)?



If you’re old enough, you may recall a time when movies were made, released, enjoyed, and that was it. Yes youngins’, believe it or not there was a time where not every film spurred a sequel or jump-started a franchise. For better or worse those days are gone, and as The Hollywood Reporter predicts, this year will be the year of the “shared universe.” No longer satisfied with million dollar earning franchises, Hollywood is looking to link even more films together, turning millions into billions at the box office.  (more…)